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SWIR imager set to replace GEN2 image intensifiers - ideal for applications such as Driver's Vision Enhancement systems, night vision goggles and handheld binoculars
Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) will reveal its SWIR Imager (SWIRi) Video Core at EUROSATORY 2018.
The SWIRi is a low SWaP, 15µm, high sensitivity InGaAs SWIR (Short Wave InfraRed) Video Core Imager that has been specially designed to be a Low Light Level Sensor in man-portable and handheld devices. It comes with SCD’s new low SWaP-C detector package and an SCD SNIR ROIC.
“The technology of previous generation image intensifiers is mostly outdated, analogue, with limited performance, and cannot be integrated with advanced Command & Control and image fusion technology,” says Dan Slasky, SCD CEO. “Our new SWIR Imager meets this need. We have developed dedicated algorithms to meet the requirements of low light night vision, leveraging the “Night Glow” phenomena to provide high performance, even in conditions of moonless nights and adverse weather. Furthermore, we have managed to keep the module extremely compact and with low power consumption to enable installation into handheld applications."
"Development of the product has been completed along with feasibility studies, and it has already been sold to a first customer", says Dan.

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