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Elbit Systems Launches SigmaCell: A Real-Time Active Cellular Intelligence System
Elbit Systems is introducing SigmaCell, a real-time active cellular intelligence system that neutralizes cellular communications of terrorists and criminals. 
Based on Elbit Systems’ Signal Intelligence expertise, SigmaCell was designed to detect, identify, intercept and expose details of target cellular devices and their precise location. Covering the entire cellular spectrum (gsm, umts and lte) Sigmacell captures hundreds of devices simultaneously and can be remotely operated via a web based user interface. 
Either portable or stationary, SigmaCell can be effectively utilized in a variety of environments and operational scenarios such as thwarting terrorist and criminal activity, detecting and preventing Cellular usage in prisons, protecting borders and checkpoints, rescuing  survivors in catastrophes and protecting sensitive facilities.
Invisible and undetectable, SigmaCell can be integrated with other Elbit System's cyber intelligence solutions such as C4I systems, Electronic Warfare and location systems, to maximize customers' benefits and enhance their intelligence capabilities.
SigmaCell joins Signet™, the Company’s Cyber RF intelligence system as part of an expanding line of RF intelligence and data protection systems. When operating together, the two systems provide a comprehensive hybrid solution for personal communications.

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