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Bruker have launched the first commercial 24 hour advisory support network for managing CBRNe incidents
CBRNet™ provides a network that links CBRNe sensors and their operators with decision makers. 
It provides 24 hour advisory support to clients in the form of advisers in the specialist areas of scientific, technical and operational expertise.
CBRNet™ is the industry’s first fully integrated and networked end-to-end solution addressing the challenge managing CBRNe incidents.  Specialist advisers, based in Bruker centers of excellence, will be available at all times to provide support in the management of CBRNe operations.
Bruker scientists have teamed with leading experts from around the world to develop CBRNet™ capability.  
• The software house Bruhn Newtech has adapted its specialist software, widely used amongst NATO nations, to provide the information technology to support the Central Monitoring, Advice and Global Incident Capability (CMAGIC) .  
• Cubic Mission Solutions  provides the networking and communications technology that allows clients to choose between their own preferred communications bearers and CBRNet™ recommended solutions. 
CBRNet™ will allow users to connect all of the most commonly used CBRNe sensors already available from manufacturers on the market.  Detection Data will be provided to decision makers in the form of a “Recognised CBRNe Picture” providing the capacity to view via a map interface the location and performance of individual detection equipment.  
CBRNet™ will offer Bruker customers 7 new products and services that, together, can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each user.
• SafeZone, the CMAGIC™  Information System.  SafeZone provides advanced software capabilities to support all the other components of CBRNet™.  It links decision makers with the sensors and specialist CBRNet advisers.
• Advice 24/7/365.  Specialist advisers are available at all times in CBRNet™ Operations Facilities. Securely connected to user Decision Makers, these advisers support all areas, from training and fleet management, to the provision of scientific, technical and operational support.
• Planning.  CBRNet™ specialists  are available to support users developing plans to meet specific operational challenges, whether it be designing the protection of a new railway network, protecting a major sports festival or hosting an international gathering.  
• Training.  CBRNet™  is designed to support training at both the individual and collective levels.
• Fleet Management.  The CBRNet™ Fleet Management package offers solutions to problems of logistic supply, preventative maintenance, repair and asset tracking.
• CBRNet™ Deploy.  CBRNet™ Deploy is Bruker’s unique solution to the challenge of hosting short term events that require temporary CBRNe solutions, for example, major international sports events or international conferences, each of which require a surge in capability for a limited period of time.  With CBRNet™ Deploy, users can call on a selection of CBRNet™ products and services to support a short duration operation.  Sensors, people, planning, training, and of course, SafeZone, are all available to meet the challenge.
Sebastian Meyer-Plath, Managing Director of Bruker Detection, announced the launch of CBRNet™ saying:
“CBRNet™ represents a huge leap forward in our ability to help our customers meet the growing challenge of CBRNe threats.  Whether as a military challenge, as a part of the terrorist threat, or as a consequence of industrial accident or natural disaster, recent history shows numerous examples of the challenge presented by chemical, biological and radiological threats.  Bruker’s CBRNet™ brings the best possible data and services to aid decision making at the right time. We are proud to be at the forefront of solutions to this real challenge.”

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