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Parsons Launches Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution
Parsons has launched an integrated portfolio of technologies and services providing critical infrastructure resilience to cyber and physical threats. Domain6™ is the world's first fully converged solution to thwart attacks on operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) environments. Technologies within the Domain6™ portfolio have been deployed and proven in Parsons' customer operations, including U.S. government intelligence and defense agencies, as well as commercial customer facilities.
"Domain6™ is a technology-enabled capability derived from three strategic pillars, Parsons' decades of experience in designing and building OT environments, our investment in R&D, and acquisitions of some of the world's leading cyber and physical security companies," said Carey Smith, President of Parsons' Federal business unit. "The core value in Domain6™ extends far beyond the dangerously narrow model of IT-centric, bolt-on software. Parsons' customers in the intelligence and military communities have long demanded a converged OT-IT infrastructure security solution, with a focus on the escalating threat to industrial control systems. Domain6™ was created largely through this experience." 
Parsons has over a half century of experience in designing, building, and protecting critical infrastructure for customers in transportation, energy, manufacturing, water, chemical, and other sectors, as well as for U.S. military and intelligence agencies. In 2014, Parsons was selected by the Maryland Procurement Office (MPO) to provide comprehensive cyber-physical infrastructure protection consulting services at the customer's locations where continuity of operations is vital. In 2017, the MPO Industrial Controls System (ICS) Modernization Program was recognized by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) with the award of the best program of the year for the Intelligence Community. Parsons' cyber-physical infrastructure protection services were a fundamental part of the design, and implementation of the program.
The Domain6™ portfolio was architected with a foundation closely aligned to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies cybersecurity framework—identify, protect, detect, respond, recover—with numerous proprietary Parsons technologies embedded in the framework. Parsons' Camelot technology, for example, is a unique defensive cyber operations toolkit that forms the basis for prioritizing threats based on advanced data analytics. Camelot is a Parsons innovation derived from classified cybersecurity operations conducted for military customers.
In June 2018, Parsons released a survey of ICS engineers within fifteen critical infrastructure sectors. Among the findings, the survey noted that nearly 80% of ICS engineers, responsible for integrating network-connected industrial internet of things IIoT devices, are not highly involved in cybersecurity planning and implementation.
"Domain6™ is a technology platform that Parsons believes will revolutionize how critical infrastructure owners and operators meet cyber-physical threats and manage risk," said Carey Smith. "Our message for the cybersecurity market is simple: Parsons has more experience designing, building, and protecting infrastructure than any other company in the world. The OT environment, where literally billions of connected, hackable industrial internet of things devices will be added in the coming years, demands this experience."

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