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LRAD Corporation Announces $1.0 Million Mass Notification Critical Infrastructure Order
LRAD Corporation a provider in long range voice broadcast systems, and advanced mass notification and distributed recipient solutions, today announced a $1.0 million mass notification systems order for the first phase of a Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") funded critical infrastructure project. The order consists of fixed LRAD DS-60XL and mobile LRAD 360XT voice broadcast systems.
"Government officials and emergency managers throughout the world are recognizing that broadcasting clear voice warnings and instructions to affected populations in advance of, during, and after disasters saves lives," stated Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of LRAD Corporation. "The LRAD systems ordered for this project feature our solar power option and satellite connectivity, ensuring continual operation if the power and communications infrastructure fails."  
Danforth added, "This competitively won award is part of a potentially larger program to provide a standard, unified mass notification system for this region's populated areas, and to speed disaster response and recovery."
Powered by LRAD's proprietary XL driver technology, LRAD DS-60XL systems are housed in all-weather enclosures and feature 60° - 360° broadcast area directionality and exceptional vocal clarity.
Fully self-contained and self-powered, the LRAD 360XT mobile mass notification system delivers highly intelligible voice and alert tone broadcasts with uniform 360° coverage from a rapidly deployable, telescoping 30-foot pneumatic mast. The LRAD 360XT is integrated and mounted on a ruggedized trailer featuring securely mounted, lockable electronics and equipment enclosures containing the amplifier modules and pneumatic systems. 

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