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Certis Rolls Out Pilot Trial of Next Generation Command & Control System to Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness of Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force
From December 2018, Certis CISCO, Singapore’s largest Auxiliary Police Force (APF) and Certis CISCO Aviation Security Officers, will be able to harness ARGUS, a next generation command and control system to boost their situational awareness in their responsibility in keeping Singapore safe and secure. This announcement was made by Certis, a leading advanced integrated security solutions provider who has expanded its operations-technology(ops-tech) capabilities to deliver Security Plus (Security+) solutions. ARGUS commences as a pilot trial from December 2018, and will be rolled out in phases next year. 
Mr Ng Boon Gay, Senior Managing Director and Head of Physical Security, Certis said, “The Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force remains committed to keeping Singapore safe and secure. As security threats grow and become more diverse, Certis has built in-house technological capabilities to strengthen the capabilities of the APF. In this way, we can continue to perform our core Singapore security role, keeping our country, our homes and our loved ones safe.”
Developed by Certis, ARGUS is a unique, feature-rich, all-in-one, task-based command and control solution. It operates as an application in the APF’s smart phone devices, and enables the APF to be more efficient and productive by harnessing technology in their operations. By streamlining security reporting, tasking, action and monitoring processes into a single platform, operations become more efficient. At Certis’ Integrated Operations Centre, the ARGUS system employs smart data analytics to perform pre-emptive operations control, and optimise the allocation of resources to the most critical areas. 

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