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ADANI CONPASS XSC chosen as the solution for the combat drug trafficking in Angola
ADANI the specialist security screening developer has been chosen as a supplier of the X-ray body screening solutions for use by Angolan law enforcement agency. 
ADANI working together with Omega Risk Solutions, Angola, have been awarded a contract to supply and install a number of CONPASS XSC Full Body Security Screening Systems to assist the authorities in screening and detecting potential drug smugglers, attempting to transport illicit substances in and out of Angola. 
Leonid Zelenkevich, International Sales and Marketing Director of ADANI Limited said “We have worked extremely hard with the technical and commercial teams at Omega Risk Solutions to supply and install the tailored body screening solutions with X-ray Shielded Cabin (XSC) option on a very short notice and meeting the exact technical requirements of the end user. We are tremendously proud to have won this project and the results once again demonstrate superiority and flexibility of the ADANI CONPASS solution as a firm market leader in the field of transmission X-ray body screening.”
The demand for more complete personnel screening systems is increasing in many key markets as a result of a mixture of events and the realization by the enforcement agencies that the technology exists to safely screen for a wide range of banned and dangerous items. The ADANI CONPASS product line has demonstrated that its robust design, high performance and flexibility has proven popular with an increasing range of international customers. At ADANI, we have always been proud of the fact that we offer a flexible approach to meeting the customer’s needs. This has proven very successful in the recent past and in 2019, we are planning to further upgrade our range of CONPASS body scanning solutions to satisfy the need of the wider market segments. 

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