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2X Systems Disrupt the Security Screening Market
In a world where wide spread fear and substantial damage can be created by the simple possession of a car, van or mini bus, vehicle scanning is evolving to become an imperative feature of security. The growing need for vehicle scanning has provoked the manufacturing of various equipment; these large pieces of equipment often face restrictions through their size and complexity to construct. A recent entrant to security scanning, 2X Systems have disrupted the market with innovative solutions to these common problems. By designing rapid deploy scanners in easily portable equipment, 2X Systems are taking new steps to improve the flexibility and ease of usage of vehicle inspection technology. These developments ensures its transferability across all industries. 
An example is the 2X-300 is designed to fit into a standard 20ft shipping container, this container is pre-fitted to enable its transformation into a command and control centre when the scanner has been unloaded. 

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