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For the first time Basis are able to reveal the technology that foiled the ‘Liquid Bomb Plot

In August of 2006, seven aircraft did not explode during their flight over the Atlantic. Instead of plunging into the ocean, they landed on runways—a happy ending to what would have been a human tragedy had law enforcement not been tipped off by some carefully crafted AI.
Long before the planes took off, British and American intelligence teams had intercepted communications among a group of terrorists that were hatching a plan to incinerate the near-dozen aircraft and all hands through the use of liquid explosives. This heinous scheme, which later came to be known as the “liquid bomb plot”, is the reason why carry-on bottles containing fluids are today limited to 3 ounces (100 ml). The specific AI technology that alerted security officials is natural language processing (NLP), and the firm that built the NLP application was Basis Technology.
This is one of many such successful deployments for Basis Technology. With over 20 years of experience in the field, the firm has worked with intelligence organizations around the globe to draw meaningful and, in many cases, life-saving information from unfathomably large and complex masses of multilingual data. While most of these incidents remain classified, the liquid bomb plot is a slice of Basis Technology’s track record that can be disclosed.
Basis Technology is proud of its partnerships with national security and defence organizations and the trust that these institutions have in the firm’s AI applications. These long standing relationships have allowed the firm to deploy AI where it matters most: when lives are on the line.

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