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SeeQuestor is now available in a 0.5 PetaFlop transportable unit, which was launched at International Security Expo (ISE) in London. 
The Model 5 has been designed for mobile policing and law enforcement teams, as well as an entry-level model to the award-winning platform, which enables users to search through video more than 100 times faster than conventional methods. Five analysts can use the Model 5 simultaneously, and it can ingest and analyse up to 1,000 of hours of footage per day.
Henry Hyde-Thomson, CEO of SeeQuestor, said: “The Model 5 has been designed for rapid on-site deployment and contains the full suite of capabilities that are being deployed by law enforcement teams across the world.
“Model 5 units come with our acclaimed video importer, which can ingest and read almost any video footage, regardless of source – from vehicle dashcams and PTZs to drones, bodycams and cellphone footage. They can then process and analyse the footage at a fraction of the speed currently required, without leaving the site.” 
The SeeQuestor platform is powered by world-leading artificial intelligence and its capabilities include video analytics, format conversion, maps and viewing modules that will significantly boost a team's productivity, regardless of the quality of the video footage (which is often very poor).

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