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Chemring Technology Solutions to demonstrate VehicleScan UVIS solutions at SCTX 2019
Airport security has become a focal point in the security industries agenda. While the Gatwick drone incident has caused issues in regard to aerial security into focus in 2019, UK threat level for terrorism has not fallen below ‘Severe’ since 2014. This demonstrates the ever-present risk that the world’s transport hubs, sporting grounds and entertainment venues face.
At many of the world’s most heavily populated venues or transport hubs, rapid and effective security measures are essential to ensure every day operations run efficiently day and night. Traditional mirror-on-a-stick solutions, used to inspect vehicles for hidden packages, are increasingly incapable of meeting this requirement, which is why many businesses are moving to solutions such as Chemring’s VehicleScan UVIS system.
During SCTX, CTS will demonstrate how mirror-on-a-stick equipment can take up to four minutes to inspect coaches and large goods vehicles, as opposed to the 15 to 25 seconds it takes VehicleScan. Using a simple Head-Up Display interface, operators receive an array of data including high resolution, full colour, under vehicle scan image, vehicle license plates, driver profiles and search functions.
VehicleScan is designed for airports and high footfall venues and is in operation at Gatwick Airport having been tried and tested in some of the most diligent and high-profile security environments. In addition to learning more about the solution on the company’s stand, visitors to this year’s SCTX will be able to witness, first-hand, the solution in action from 14:00 on 6 March 2019 in the SCTX Demo Zone.
Vehicle Scan Static Configuration - The static configuration offers end-users the capacity to install full vehicle inspection infrastructure, screening vehicles through larger inspection facilities and monitoring large volumes of traffic.
Vehicle Scan Mobile Configuration - The mobile system additionally offers rapid deployment for temporary use. This option enhances event security operations, providing effective monitoring of the traffic at front of house vehicle entrances and rear of house loading areas, both of which are vital in security.
Speaking about their presence at SCTX 2019 and VehicleScan, Colin Williams at CTS said: “VehicleScan is the culmination of our research and development into providing effective and rapid security solutions, meeting the requirements of our customers. There is a growing demand for technology solutions within vehicle inspection and we can offer venues, security officers and personnel the means to assure that the threats of contraband, explosives and trafficking are mitigated within 30 seconds.”
“We want to make sure that visitors to SCTX understand the full capacity of this effective solution and see how beneficial it can be to their job, and the assets they are protecting.”

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