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CALL FOR PAPERS - The World Border Security Congress Advisory Committee are inviting abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the conference.

Abstract Submittal Deadline – 19th July 2019
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If you are interested, you are invited to submit your abstract for consideration by the Congress committee by submitting an abstract of approx 250 words.

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The World Border Security Congress Advisory Committee are inviting abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the conference.

Conference Programme Topic Guidelines will include but not be limited to:
– Border surveillance techniques and systems
– Is it possible to enhance the protection and management of extended land borders? What are the solutions?
– How can border agencies enhance border security and improve results, whilst under increasing pressure of resources?
– Standardization of systems such as trusted traveller programs has not occurred despite lots and lots of talk at ICAO, IATA, etc.
– Latest threats from cross border cyber crime, returning foreign fighters, terrorism infiltration, illegal migration
– Challenges in the trafficking of illicit goods, artefacts, narcotics, small arms
– Trafficking in Human Beings by transnational criminal gangs has expanded not declined despite the billions that have been spent by national governments and institutions such as IOM, OSCE, INTERPOL
– Identity management and biometric challenges
– How can border administrations better share information and data under increasing pressure from privacy laws?
– How can small country border administrations ensure their effectiveness against growing criminality and terrorist threats?
– Maritime, port and coastal border security: How can we best guard the coast and major ports from international organised criminal activities, including human trafficking and drug smuggling?
– Illegal migrant numbers and movements have not declined over the last 20 years they have actually increased despite a plethora of national and international agreements to manage the problem
– Ease of travel for bona fide travellers has not become less burdensome it has become more complicated despite new technologies such as biometrics, e-visas
– The costs of delivering streamlined safety and security at airports, border points and seaports has not gone down despite all the promises of politicos the world over
– Countering border threats as a result of the so called “war on terror” & “the war on drugs” is without end despite the billions spend in human resources and treasure


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