World Security Report2019-06-03 09:47:07

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Horizon Technologies has announced two major NATO end user orders for our FlyingFish™ airborne SIGINT system  and will be used as part of NATO and FRONTEX missions

John Beckner, CEO, Horizon Technologies, stated, “These orders are significant because they include new fixed and rotary-wing platforms as well as new government end users. The units were ordered for immediate delivery and will be used as part of NATO and FRONTEX missions.”

Beckner added, “Our FlyingFish™ 3 product line continues to be improved and now monitors three satellite networks. Horizon Technologies is the only company which offers exportable DO-160G airborne-qualified SatPhone SIGINT systems for a wide variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. In addition, our new remote control software allows for seamless integration into airborne tactical management systems as well as enhanced debrief and exploitation capabilities.

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