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South Carolina Department Of Corrections Installs 18 Soter RS Body Scanners In Their Facilities

ODSECURITY and ODSECURITY North America have recently finished installing Soter RS Body Scanners into 18 different sites within South Carolina Department of Corrections. In this installation, each of the 18 SOTER RS Body scanners are connected to one central data base.

This advanced database allows for the subjects identity to be verified by either an ID number, or by using the OD Fingerprint Reader before the scan commences, thereby managing the cumulative radiation dose per person, ensuring that no one exceeds any recommended dose levels. The central data base, also records; who was scanned, at what dose level, the result, and the category of any find enabling statistics and data to be gathered per installation.

The Soter RS is the worlds most advanced security X-ray system. It is a person X-ray system which combines ultra low radiation with maximum visibility, revealing everything hidden inside human cavities or inside the human body. 

It is already used successfully in many prisons worldwide for scanning visitors, inmates and in some facilities, the prison staff themselves.

The Soter RS body scanner can detect any contraband. Indeed, to date is has detected; drugs/narcotics, weapons, cell phones, plastic items, metals, cash, gemstones and other contraband.  Basically, if it is hidden, the Soter RS can detect it; whether it is on, or in, the body being scanned.

The Soter RS is the ultimate alternative for intensive strip searches or costly visits to a hospital. 

OD Security, the manufacturers of the SOTER RS have installations similar to South Carolina around the world, including Miami and New Hampshire in the USA


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