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At this year's DSEi Paradigm is showcasing their latest PIM-enabled terminals, designed to make satcom simple and enable the broadcast market to achieve high-speed connectivity anywhere in the world
Satcom terminals on show are the new comms-on-the-move MANTA® and the ‘internet-in-a-backpack’ SWARM®
The latest MANTA terminal just needs power to provide a complete solution for ‘anywhere’ IP data connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It can operate straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for simple comms-on-the-pause or can be quickly fitted to any vehicle (land or sea) for comms-on-the-move. The MANTA uses software beam forming for satellite acquisition and tracking; the on-board PIM® controller provides an optimised satellite service requiring no specialist skills to offer easy, high speed data service anywhere.
The MANTA+ uses an enhanced feature set to integrate 3G/4G/LTE cellular, radio and Wi-Fi connectivity that improves on the standard MANTA package to produce a completely flexible terminal that is always connected, switching between terrestrial and satellite networks to best suit the needs of the user.
The SWARM is small and light enough to be carried as hand luggage on commercial airlines yet still delivers impressively high data rates. It can be assembled in 90 seconds and have you on air in less than 4 minutes.

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