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Thales unveils new digital platform to optimise and strengthen customers' security capabilities
Thales is anticipating the future security requirements of operators responsible for keeping the public safe, from threat prediction to response, including incident detection and situation awareness. The solution seamlessly integrates all types of security systems and services, and offers unrivalled data processing performance to cover the full spectrum of operator requirements. 
This fully fledged digital command centre from Thales is based on a platform that processes and analyses the huge volumes of data generated by thousands of physical and virtual sensors. This new solution enables security operators to better anticipate, detect and resolve incidents and supports them at every stage of the process.
Today, operators are faced with an exponential rise in the volume of data from an increasing number of sources, including physical sensors, virtual sensors and open-source intelligence. Thales's new solution ties together, processes and analyses all this data on a single digital platform to optimise security systems and make them more automated, more agile and more intelligent.
The security digital platform can be specifically tailored to the requirements of each customer. It offers a host of functions and simplifies operators' tasks, from anticipation to forensics, surveillance, and incident detection and resolution.
Because security and mobility are closely interconnected, the platform can host customers' mobility-related applications — road traffic management, pollution monitoring, public transport administration, traffic incident management, etc. — and process application data to ensure operational efficiency and continuity in any given location (sensitive site, city, neighbourhood, airport, etc.).
“The challenge of  the security sector today is to provide customers with tailored, scalable solutions that help them tackle three key issues: the exponential rise in the volume of data from physical and virtual sensors; the need for greater automation and closer cooperation between the various security agencies; and protection from cyberattacks. Thales’s new security solution meets these requirements and supports our customers at every stage of their operational missions.” Gérard Herby, Vice President, Protection Systems, Thales.
Based on a private, public or hybrid cloud architecture, the platform benefits from the Group's investments over recent years in the key digital technologies — cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, Big Data and connectivity.
The new platform is a game-changer for security operators, bringing them the agility and intelligence they need to provide optimum security for sensitive sites, cities and large-scale events.

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