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Spanish National Police discover their largest underground marijuana plantation.

1,022 plants have been seized and four male members of a family clan of Romanian origin have been arrested
The zulo was located four meters underground and had different entry / exit accesses - one at each end of the farm - through holes made in the ground
Those arrested are also involved in several robberies with force committed in a nursery from which they stole effects valued at 15,000 euros
Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled the largest marijuana plantation found underground to date by the National Police. The den in which the illegal cultivation was hidden was dug four meters deep on a farm owned by one of the detainees, housed a sophisticated laboratory with 1,022 cannabis plants and had an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters.
At the beginning of September, parallel investigations that were being carried out in the Ciudad Real and Alcázar de San Juan Police Stations revealed the possible existence of a new, large-scale crop that had been installed in Toledo in August . Since then, the National Police Specialized in the fight against drug trafficking of both Police Stations, together with the Toledo Provincial Police Station, carried out a close collaboration that allowed confirming the suspicions on the ground.
Thus, in just twenty days, the investigators located the exact place where the illegal crop was hidden. It was a farm located in the area of ​​Cerro de los Palos, very close to the Toledo capital, where a family clan of Romanian origin resided. Although at first glance there was nothing on the farm that would make the existence of the crop evident, nor was there any construction that could house it, the agents detected a strong and characteristic smell of marijuana. In addition, they found clear indications that works had been carried out on the land in which considerable earth movements had been carried out, which led them to the conviction that the plantation was hidden in an underground construction.
A hole in the ground to enter a large den
When they accessed the property to carry out the judicially authorized search, they found a hole in the land, half hidden under cardboard, wooden pallets and boxes, through which they accessed a "zulo" of approximately 300 square meters, whose exclusive use It was to house a complete and sophisticated laboratory for the intensive cultivation of cannabis, which obtained the electrical energy to operate, at full capacity, through two illegal connections to the public network.
The excavation, carried out four meters underground, hid 1,022 marijuana plants in different stages of growth, some of which were already ready to be collected. In addition, this first room was connected to a second room where they were installing the necessary infrastructure to expand the laboratory and which connected with another exit, located at the other end of the farm.
The officers surprised them inside the zulo, working in the plantation
When the national policemen entered the den, they found three men inside, who at that moment were in charge of the maintenance of the plantation. The fourth arrested arrived at the farm minutes later, aboard a yellow van, which would allow them to be linked to other criminal acts.
As a result of the discovery, four men were arrested, one of them a minor, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of drug trafficking and fraud of electricity. The sophisticated and expensive installation, the security measures adopted and the high quantity of narcotic substance intervened, indicate that the intention of those arrested was to dedicate themselves to the large-scale distribution of marijuana.
If it had continued with its illegal activity, this laboratory would have reported to the detainees a harvest that could range between 150 and 200 kilograms of marijuana buds.

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