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Thales Selected to Prepare France for the New Schengen Area Entry / Exit System
The new and modern Border Kiosk is designed to comply with the EES regulation requirements.
It combines expertise in document verification, passenger biometric capture, and verification to ensure the best user experience and traveler enrollment quality for immigration.
Border kiosks allow travellers to perform the necessary controls in a faster self-service manner and provide greater flexibility with regards to the airport floor, passenger flow management, and process passengers better.
Once registered, the traveller goes to a stationary manual border control booth, where the information pre-enrolled at the kiosk can be retrieved immediately thanks to a Single Identity Token (or passport or fingerprint). 
A dedicated web-based border clearance application automatically identifies the traveller (live face capture through integrated camera), and generates the traveller’s profile.
The application immediately highlights the main information and any alerts, while displaying all the data captured and all verifications performed during pre-enrolment and background inspection checks.
The border guard can then complete the traveller border clearance and enrol the passenger into the EES.
The EES Border Kiosk interacts with Thales Gemalto Border Management System
The kiosk is part of a complete system from Thales that includes manual border equipment, eGates, biometric scanning solutions, and mobile devices, all supported by our EES-compliant Border Management System.

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