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Genasys and Shooter Detection Systems Partner to Provide Multi-Channel Active Shooter Warnings & Enhanced Critical Event Management
Genasys has announced  an integrated technologies partnership with the security industry’s leading gunshot detection provider, Shooter Detection Systems for early gunshot detection and real-time alerting of staff, personnel and the public through the Company's unified Genasys Emergency Management (GEM) solution.
Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys Inc., said "The integration of GEM with SDS' Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System enhances our critical event management solution and broadens our addressable enterprise and public safety market applications. Seamless integration with SDS provides a unique, customizable solution for delivering life-safety messages through multiple channels immediately after a gunshot."
Mr. Danforth continued, "The SDS system utilizes advanced acoustic detection software combined with infrared sensors to instantly and accurately detect gunshots. That information is used by GEM to deliver messages with specific 'evacuate' or 'shelter-in-place' instructions to everyone in harm's way via SMS, email, phones, Genasys speaker arrays, and other channels. The GEM/SDS integrated technology also equips first responders and onsite security officers with real-time situational awareness and vital information on gunshot location, shooter movement, and the positions of endangered groups and individuals."
Rich Onofino, Managing Director of SDS, said, "The integration with Genasys provides organizations with a unified, multi-channel critical notification system for active shooter incidents. The Genasys/SDS solution offers several ways to disseminate shot alerts, which is a key component of comprehensive active shooter response plans."

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