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BlueHalo, a provider of advanced engineering solutions and technology to the national security community, has acquired Citadel Defense Company
Citadel’s team of engineers and data scientists have developed cUAS products that leverage proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning (“AI/ML”) algorithms to enable operators to locate drone threats, track flight paths, and autonomously neutralize threats.
BlueHalo is a rapidly expanding national security platform with capabilities spanning directed energy, cUAS, space superiority, space technology, advanced RF, autonomy, and cyber & SIGINT. The acquisition of Citadel complements BlueHalo’s directed energy and layered perimeter defense capabilities where the company delivers a full suite of products including the Locust Laser Weapon System and Argus Perimeter Security Solution. Citadel’s cUAS capabilities coupled with BlueHalo’s existing portfolio of proprietary technology will enable the company to deliver multi-modal, unified cUAS solutions that support the warfighter and protect critical infrastructure.

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