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PLATH Systems & Integration is expanding its portfolio and realigning itself as a system integrator for data-driven crisis prevention
PLATH Systems & Integration (S&I) is repositioning itself with a broader portfolio and an updated communications strategy.
PLATH S&I is expanding its portfolio to include manned airborne reconnaissance as well as systems for cybersecurity. These complement the stationary and mobile systems for land- and sea-based operations.
The PLATH S&I portfolio now includes scalable systems for the following fields of application:
Strategic HF 
Land-based Mobile Intelligence 
Naval Intelligence 
Manned Airborne Intelligence 
Joint Intelligence
The experts at PLATH S&I have many years of expertise and are able to implement optimally integrated systems for various platforms and applications, thus meeting all tactical and strategic customer requirements in the field of data-driven crisis prevention. This will enable security authorities to identify threats in time, pre-empt potential crises, improve terrorism prevention and thus better protect borders and citizens.
The PLATH Sensors division contributes sensor technology for signal detection – for example, high-precision antennae, receivers and direction finders.
The PLATH Radio Reconnaissance Software division provides the powerful software ICAS for automated radio reconnaissance as well as COCKPIT for tactical operations.
The Joint Intelligence Analytics division, represented by INNOSYSTEC GmbH, is a specialist for big data analytics. SCOPE – its highly scalable and configurable software – collects, analyses and correlates information from various data sources.
The business division Signal Analysis and Signal Monitoring, represented by PROCITEC GmbH, adds to the range of products with go2SIGNALS, a hardware-independent, modular product line. The division enables the monitoring, processing and analysis of HF and V/UHF signals in tactical and strategic application scenarios.
If required, this in-house product portfolio can be supplemented with products and systems from third-party suppliers.
‘Our most important value proposition is our comprehensive expertise – it’s what allows us to provide our customers with perfectly aligned, scalable systems of any size that are ready to use.,’ explains Dr Marcos Michaelsen, managing director of Systems & Integration. ‘As an experienced general contractor, PLATH S&I guarantees highest quality in system integration and service: our experts and engineers only leave when the system is running to the customer’s complete satisfaction.’

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