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Boeing Unveils New CH-47F Chinook Helicopter to U.S. Army

The Boeing Company today unveiled the first production CH-47F Chinook helicopter to the U.S. Army during a rollout ceremony in Ridley Park, Pa. The aircraft is the first of 452 new CH-47F heavy-transport helicopters included in the U.S. Army Cargo Helicopter modernization program.

"The CH-47F is a 21st century aircraft," said Jack Dougherty, director, Boeing Chinook Programs. "It provides the system and the solutions to meet the needs of soldiers today and tomorrow."

"This is truly a great day for the Army, Army Aviation, and most of all, our soldiers," said Col. Tim Crosby, U.S. Army Cargo Helicopter program manager. "This aircraft, delivered on cost and on schedule, marks the beginning of a long production run that is a keystone in Army Aviation's transformation. Our special thanks to all of our industry partners for their dedication to this program and to our soldiers."

The aircraft features a newly designed, modernized airframe and a Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System advanced digital cockpit to meet the needs of current and future warfighters.

The new airframe uses modern manufacturing techniques that replace multiple-piece sheet metal structures with single-piece machined components. The new components will reduce operating and support costs, improve the aircraft's structural integrity and extend the Chinook's service life.

The helicopter's advanced avionics provide improved situational awareness for flight crews with an advanced digital map display and a data transfer system that allow storing of preflight and mission data. Additionally, the BAE Digital Advanced Flight Control System replaces a legacy analog system. Improved survivability features include Common Missile Warning and Improved Countermeasure Dispenser Systems.

Powered by two 4,868-horsepower Honeywell engines, the new CH-47F can reach speeds greater than 175 mph and transport payloads weighing more than 21,000 lbs. The CH-47F, with the Robertson Aviation Extended Range Fuel System, has a mission radius greater than 400 miles.

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