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A | 
AGENCIJA ALAN D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia
ANT AG Lübeck, Germany
B | 
BCB INTERNATIONAL LTD. Cardiff, United Kingdom
D | 
Danish Camp Supply , Denmark
Detection & Defense Security, Ltd. Ijamsville, Md, United States Of America
F | 
Force Ware GmbH Eningen, Germany, Germany
G | 
General Dynamics C4 Systems Taunton, Massachusetts, United States Of America
H | 
Hellweg International Bayswater, Victoria, Australia
I | 
id security , Brussels, Belgium
International Intelligence Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
International Intelligence - Body Armour Protection Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
L | 
Lotus Machines (P) limited Chandigarh, Ut, India
M | 
MARITIME AND LAND EOD LIMITED , Glanrafon Uchaf, United Kingdom
Med-Eng Systems Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
N | 
NIC Instruments LTD Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom
P | 
Pearson Engineering Ltd (PE) Newcastle-upon-tyne, United Kingdom
Proparms Ltd Carignan, Quebec, Canada
ProSATs Limited , United Kingdom
R | 
Royal Arms International Woodland Hills, Ca, United States Of America
S | 
Scanfiber Composites A/S Dk-9870 Sindal, Denmark, Denmark
Security Intelligence Technologies, Inc. New Rochelle, New York , United States Of America
T | 
TACTICAL5.COM Sint Pieters Leeuw, Vl, Belgium
Tactronix Beverly Hills, Ca, United States Of America
Teijin Aramid BV Arnhem, Netherlands
TFL Defence UK Ltd London, Uk, United Kingdom
W | 
Westminster International Ltd Dubai, United Arab Emirates
X | 
XTEK Pty Ltd Fyshwick, Act, Australia



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