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A | 
Advance Initiative Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Alabama Transportation Institute Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States Of America
Amidor Corporate Security Management , Greece
Associated Risks Limited London, United Kingdom
Axanteus Security Private Limited , Singapore
Axis Communications , Emdalavägen 14, Lund, Sweden
B | 
Barker & Associates Ormond Beach, Florida , United States Of America
BroadBridge Wraith Ltd (Head Office) Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Bullard Cynthiana, Ky, United States Of America
D | 
DSEC Floeha, Saxony, Germany
DWR Risk Management Solutions Ltd , Copford, Essex, United Kingdom
E | 
Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC) Rehovot, Israel
ETC Simulation Orlando, Fl, United States Of America
EURACOM EQUIPMENT Biot, France, France
G | 
G4S Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Gladius Risk Services Perth, Wa, Australia
Global Air Training Ltd Wrexham, United Kingdom
Global Air Training Ltd Cheshire, Uk, United Kingdom
Global Security Associates Garden City, New York, United States Of America
H | 
HADCON Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
I | 
id security , Brussels, Belgium
idpl , United Kingdom
InterLEC Inc. , United States Of America
International School for Search and Explosives Engineers Tidworth, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
ISDS International Security Defense Systems, LLC Dallas, Tx, United States Of America
M | 
MAF Protection Control Risks Group Franca, Sp, Brazil
MAF Protection Control Risks Group-Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants London, United Kingdom
Max Security Tel Aviv, Israel, Israel
N | 
NBC Team Ltd Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
P | 
Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc. New York, Ny, United States Of America
Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services (PGIS) Arlington, Virginia, United States Of America
porchclove ltd Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
ProSATs Limited , United Kingdom
ProSATS Ltd , United Kingdom
PSD Training London, United Kingdom
R | 
Rapport...Hostage/Kidnap Awareness Training Ltd Aldershot, Hampshie, United Kingdom
Reed Incorporated LEESBURG, VA, United States Of America
Rescue Consultancy Services Limited South Shields, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
RMB Security Services , Van Road, United Kingdom
S | 
S3 Training Ltd Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sagem Securite MONTROUGE, France
Sentinel Tactical Gear , Israel
Shafran Consulting and Management Ltd Tel Aviv , Israel
Stand Security Solutions Worldwide Ltd Manchester, United Kingdom
T | 
The Nemesis Group Ltd Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom
THOR Global Defense Group Van Buren, Ar, United States Of America
Todd Research Ltd Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom
Total Task Security International Subiaco, Wa, Australia
Tractel (UK) Ltd Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Transas Marine Ltd. Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Triple Canopy Herndon, Va, United States Of America
Triple Canopy, Inc. Herndon, Va, United States Of America
U | 
Universal Guardian Corporation , California, United States Of America
V | 
V2 Group (Asia) Bangkok, Thailand
Viking Tactical Security Group LLC Belton, Texas, United States Of America
VT Marine Services , Woolston, United Kingdom
W | 
Walport International Ltd Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom
Watchdogs Ltd Althorp, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Y | 
York-Mahar, Inc. Virginia Beach, Va, United States Of America



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