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A.I.A.D. & MOD ITALY Rome, Italy
AECMA - European Association of Aerospace Industries Brussels, Belgium
Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association Berg, Belgium
APPSS/DMA Grayshott, Surrey, United Kingdom
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Arlington, Va, United States Of America
Association of Risk & Crisis Communication , Switzerland
Association of Security Consultants Hampton, Middlesex, United Kingdom
AUMA - Association of German Trade Fair Industry 10179 Berlin, Germany
B | 
BDLI – German Aerospace Industries Association 10117 Berlin, Germany
Belgian Aerospace Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
British Naval Equipment Association London, United Kingdom
C | 
CoESS - Confederation of European Security Services Wemmel, Belgium
G | 
GICAN Paris, France
GIFAS Paris , France
I | 
IATA NETHERLANDS Badhoevedorp, Netherlands
International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) London, United Kingdom
International Association of Airport and Seaport Police Coquitlam, Canada
International Chamber of Commerce , France
International Corrections and Prisons Association Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
L | 
LPCB Garston, Herts, United Kingdom
N | 
Naval Submarine League Annandale, Virginia, United States Of America
Netherlands Aerospace Group Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Assoc The Hague, Netherlands
NIDV - Foundation of Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security The Hague, Netherlands, Netherlands
Nordic Defence Industries A/S Norresundby, Denmark
North West Aerospace Alliance Nelson, Lancashire, United Kingdom
R | 
Royal Aeronautical Society London, United Kingdom
Royal Institution of Naval Architects London, United Kingdom
S | 
SBAC Victoria, London, United Kingdom
SNAME -Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Jersey City, New Jersey, United States Of America
T | 
Teutodefence Germany , Weserstrasse 225, Germany
The International Association of Chiefs of Police Alexandria, United States Of America
The International Association of Ports and Harbors Tokyo , Japan
The Security Institute , Caldecote, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
The Society of British Aerospace Companies , 60 Petty France, London, United Kingdom



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