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A | 
ArmorGroup International plc London, United Kingdom
B | 
Blackwater USA Moyock, NC, United States Of America
Bodyguard Academy Ltd. Luebeck, Germany
Britam Defence Ltd London, United Kingdom
BroadBridge Wraith Ltd (Head Office) Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
C | 
Control Risks Group , Amsterdam, Netherlands
D | 
Defence and Security Equipment International Ltd (DSE International) London, United Kingdom
DSEC Floeha, Saxony, Germany
E | 
Edinburgh International London, United Kingdom
ex+med UK Ltd Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
G | 
G4S Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Gladius Risk Services Perth, Wa, Australia
Global Air Training Ltd Wrexham, United Kingdom
Global Defence Solutions Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom
GSEC Enterprises Limited Hereford, United Kingdom
I | 
International Close Protection Services Huddersfield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Investigations Asia Company Limited Bangkok, Bangkok Metropolis, Thailand
ISCC , Grenville Place, United Kingdom
L | 
Longmoor Group London, United Kingdom
M | 
Max Security Tel Aviv, Israel, Israel
N | 
NBC Team Ltd Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
P | 
Phoenix CP Ltd Hereford, United Kingdom
PSD Training London, United Kingdom
R | 
Rapport...Hostage/Kidnap Awareness Training Ltd Aldershot, Hampshie, United Kingdom
Reed Incorporated LEESBURG, VA, United States Of America
Rescue Consultancy Services Limited South Shields, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
S | 
S3 Training Ltd Glasgow, United Kingdom
Shipguard Ltd , London , United Kingdom
T | 
Tactical Options Ltd Weybridge, United Kingdom
The Nemesis Group Ltd Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom
THOR Global Defense Group Van Buren, Ar, United States Of America
Triple Canopy, Inc. Herndon, Va, United States Of America
V | 
V2 Group (Asia) Bangkok, Thailand
Viking Tactical Security Group LLC Belton, Texas, United States Of America



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