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B | 
B.U.K. GmbH Organisation Sicherheit Training Neunkirchen, Germany
Blackwater USA Moyock, NC, United States Of America
Britam Defence Ltd London, United Kingdom
BroadBridge Wraith Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
BroadBridge Wraith Ltd (Head Office) Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
C | 
CEFOR srl Empoli, Italy, Italy
Control Risks Group , Amsterdam, Netherlands
D | 
DSEC Floeha, Saxony, Germany
E | 
EURACOM EQUIPMENT Biot, France, France
G | 
Gladius Risk Services Perth, Wa, Australia
Global Security Associates Garden City, New York, United States Of America
I | 
idpl , United Kingdom
ISDS International Security Defense Systems, LLC Dallas, Tx, United States Of America
M | 
MAF Protection Control Risks Group-Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants London, United Kingdom
MK Defence and Security Ltd Montreal, Quebec, Canada
S | 
Searchwise Ltd Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
T | 
Tactical Options Ltd Weybridge, United Kingdom
U | 
Universal Guardian Corporation , California, United States Of America
V | 
V2 Group (Asia) Bangkok, Thailand



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