Britten-Norman, the UK's only independent civil aircraft manufacturer, has been producing aircraft continuously for a period spanning five decades. In addition to manufacturing and supporting the BN2 series of Islander, Trislander and Defender aircraft, the Company is also a defence contractor specialising in the integration, installation, test and trials of mission equipment.

With a customer base ranging from short-haul regional airlines through to military and government agencies, the company has to date produced in excess of 1,250 aircraft, making it Europe's most successful aircraft manufacturer. The BN2 series of aircraft has provided adaptable, low-cost solutions that are currently in daily use with some 500 companies and organisations in over 120 countries. Recent design modifications to the Islander have included an upgrade to an executive interior with club seating arrangement. The Company is proud of its aircrafts' excellent safety record and reputation for the highest quality products.

The Defender 4000 has proved its worth with government and law enforcement agencies worldwide as a versatile and cost-effective platform for light utility, aerial surveillance, intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism operations. Capable of operating in austere conditions and in temperatures up to 50° C, the Defender has the full endorsement of the UK military.

Possessing all the qualities that Islander operators have come to expect - excellent short field landing capability, durability, low cost of ownership - the Defender also incorporates a variety of important developments. Product improvements such as the extended cabin, enhanced range and endurance, increased payload and electronic flight instruments have greatly enhanced the aircraft's mission capabilities also allowing integration of a wide variety of mission equipment including 360° Radar, SLAR, FLIR, ESM, ECM, Digital Data Link, Tactical Communications and Vehicle Tracking Systems.

The Defender's cruise speed ranges from 160 to 176 knots, depending on configuration. The aircraft also has exceptional low-speed handling and manoeuvring capabilities of around 70-90 knots, allowing for continuous tight turns during low level observation, inspection and photography. Fitted with Rolls Royce 250-B17F engines, flat-rated at 400hp and fitted with 200amp generators, the Defender has a proven track record as the world's most versatile, reliable and economic task-oriented aircraft.

In addition to building the BN2 series aircraft, Britten-Norman Aircraft Ltd (BNA) also has wide ranging capabilities which extend from sub contract component manufacture through to integration of sophisticated sensor suites to other third party fixed wing and rotary aircraft. BNA is backed by approvals from the UK CAA, EASA (21/145) and the UK MoD and is also accredited under AS9100.

As sole manufacturer-approved providers of Britten-Norman's world-wide customer support, Fly BN Ltd (FBN) offers maintenance personnel who are unrivalled in their ability to provide first class product support. FBN's expertise also extends to specialist support for a variety of other aircraft types. From its UK base, FBN maintains large inventories of aircraft spares which it distributes globally through a network of strategic partners and subsidiary companies. FBN is independently backed by approvals from EASA.

BN Resources Ltd completes the service by providing training for pilots, mission operators, avionics technicians and engineers.


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November 2006

Britten-Norman 10th November 2006

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December 2005

Britten-Norman 27th December 2005

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February 2006

Britten-Norman 7th February 2006


January 2006

Britten-Norman 1st January 2006

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