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All around the world and in particular within Global Supply chain, the requirement for vehicle, cargo and container inspections have taken a dramatic upswing. This is mainly due to breakthroughs in technology coupled with legislative and security requirements internationally. The World Trade Organisation (WTO), The World Customs Organisation (WCO), US, EU and the African Union have all recognised that security in the supply chain is of vital importance and is a National Interest for member states.


Kudumba provides a full range of cargo and baggage screening services; our service provides a turnkey solution with no capital outlay on behalf of government. Our cargo inspection systems utilise the latest X-Ray technology, our baggage screening and security service use a wide range of technology systems from the market leaders in these fields.

Kudumba will provide an internationally recognized level of security by providing improved automated information capture, automated data transfer combined with non intrusive techniques that customs can employ in the screening of both inbound and outbound shipments.

The Kudumba services compliment and enhance the Government customs facilitation process thereby increasing security and increasing revenue generation capabilities. Kudumba provides the services of Non Intrusive Inspection and visualisation technology to the government of Mozambique and across the region.

One of the unique elements of our service is the centralised control centres that we put in place; these allow all of the sites within the country at all of the frontier crossings to be monitored and controlled via a centralised facility. This will give command and control capabilities over customs facilitation processes on the ground in the localised frontier crossing previously not available, thereby achieving better and faster decisions. The importance of this is that it provides customs officers with situational awareness - instant information about the location and status of shipments entering or exiting a countries sovereign territory. All of which is a necessary component of achieving superiority in the fight against smuggling, tax evasion and terrorism. The Customs officials can coordinate easily and conduct operations with the involvement of other law enforcement agencies such as the police and intelligence services, seamlessly and together enabling comprehensive law enforcement.

Our service comes complete with installation, operation, maintenance and decommissioning; a "Cradle to Grave��? operation to suit your needs.
Its services offered are not only the technology, but fully trained crews and support services. Uniquely, all services are provided locally, with local nationals being the mainstay of the operator resources.
The Kudumba solution is currently under contract to the Mozambique customs authority to offer inspection services at the Land, Sea and Airports of entry/exit to the country. In addition to the large cargo scanning equipments we can also provide 2nd and 3rd lines of inspection with the following technologies and solutions:

X-Ray systems for cargo, baggage and pallets
Metal detector and walkthrough equipment
Electronic Explosive/drug detectors.
Radioactive Material Detection Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and tracking.


We have developed a state of the art training "Centre of Excellence��? running the recognised world leaders SMARTAPPROACH CBT based training packages for security inspectors and screeners. This training package has international approval providing ready-made, recognized and approved curriculum, developed to industry specific standards. We are working in partnership with Smart Approach to develop further training packages for the Maritime and Cargo screening industries. The system features an integrated Learning/Learning Content Management System that offers Kudumba the ability to customize and re-use content (including localization in Portrugese), develop new curriculum, track performance and build targeted remedial and improvement training curriculum for individual students or groups. This type of x-ray screening, x-ray screener training and security training solutions are currently being used to train over 100,000 screeners world-wide, making Smart Approach and Kudumba security training solutions ‘second to none giving it a world class security training capability.

Kudumba Training Centre

Location - The Kudumba training centre is conveniently located on Av. Angola, close to Maputo Airport. It is housed within the modern Kudumba office suite and furnished with the latest high quality equipment; a comfortable bright environment with its own student kitchen, the Kudumba training centre is the ideal place to host training for corporate, business and personal skills.


In partnership with Smart Approach the world leader in security related Computer Based Training (CBT), Kudumba can offer training to a standard equal to anywhere in the world (and above the standard that most countries achieve). The Smart Approach software is interactive and can be student led and offers a wide range of courses that can be delivered via a "Instructor controlled��? computer network. Through the classroom network the trainer can show his screen to all, take control of student workstation or show a student workstation to all other students; a truly interactive teaching experience. The classroom is furnished to a high standard so that students are not only comfortable but can feel they are in a superior teaching environment.

Training Courses

In addition to CBT on the Smart Approach system, the classroom network can be used to deliver all other forms of training. Also, conventional teaching is offered which can be supplemented by the use of the CBT system, other training courses offered by Kudumba include:

X-ray scanner operator training
X-ray interpretation
Airport security training (meeting international standards)
General checkpoint security training (ideal for building guards)
Recognition of Firearms and Explosives
General and Specialist search courses
Radiation safety
Other courses can be tailored to fit the client so that any customer gets exactly what is required and specifically relates to that customers needs. This can be facilitated by a Kudumba audit of training requirements or by working with the customers own training staff so that you always get the best from your training.

Hire Facilities

The Kudumba classroom can also be hired independently by any company that wishes to deliver their own training. The use of the facilities will give all the benefits enjoyed by Kudumba s own trainer and Kudumba will provide staff on-site throughout your training to ensure the smooth running of your training and give to expert assistance with the state of the art training delivery system. Any special needs can be provided for by prior arrangement. Kudumba provides a "walk in��? training centre giving you the benefit of only having to concentrate on your presentation, we look after the rest.

Kudumba Staff

The Kudumba training manager holds internationally recognized qualifications in his field of security and teaching. He has been employed in the specialist security industry for more than 25 years and has worked operationally and trained staff in the most hostile and dangerous environment in the world today. He is one of the very few people in the world today with his specialized background and experience and can therefore offer a "cutting edge��? view of security and of training needs in any environment, adaptable and always changing to meet the needs of the customer and environment Kudumba can offer world class training in many fields.

Kudumba Training Centre Plan

The core requirement for the Kudumba training centre is to ensure that all Kudumba staff and all external agencies working with Kudumba, are trained to the highest level so that they can perform their duties to the best of their ability. This training will always have priority in the Kudumba training centre but with the training hours available in a year there will always be available time for hire of Kudumba facilities. These facilities will be available during normal working hours when no Kudumba training is running and of "after hours��? (1700 - 2100) or Saturday and Sunday, during most times of the year. The after hours training is ideal for corporate clients who can not afford to offer training time during the working day.


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September 2008

Kudumba Investments Lda 9th September 2008

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