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May 2016

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 13th May 2016

Latest in Contraband Detection Kits SASRAD of Miramar, Florida announce the update & reconfiguration of their well-known Contraband Enforcement Ki[more]

April 2015

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 22nd April 2015

Sas R&D Services Inc announce that the well known Contraband Detection Kit (CEK®) is now being updated and reconfigured and will be known as the CE[more]

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 8th April 2015

Sas R & D Services Inc have introduced a new upgraded version their well respected Contraband Detection Kits called the CEK-R "SEEKER" [more]

November 2014

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 17th November 2014

SASRAD awarded a contract for 76 search & detection kits for use during the G20 Summit. Sas R & D Services of Miramar, Florida (SASRAD) were awar[more]

September 2014

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 26th September 2014

SAS introduce a new Portable Under Vehicle Inspection system the PUV-227 The PUV-227 is a well priced portable under vehicle inspection/search syst[more]

May 2014

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 14th May 2014

The Xpose® "New Technology" Hand Held Miniature Contraband Detector Also known as a Density Meter is ISO 9001:2008 Certified CE & RoHS Complian[more]

November 2013

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 20th November 2013

The Xpose® Miniature contraband Detector/Density Meter The Xpose contraband detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged, handheld density meter [more]

April 2013

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 4th April 2013

SAS R&D now offer the SASRAD CEK Contraband Enforcement Kit® and XPOSE® Density meter for Contraband Detection - the complete answer to searc[more]

SAS R&D Services, Inc. 18th April 2013

IRS now using Ultra Violet technology to combat fraud Recently the Internal Revenue Service has installed high quality Desktop Ultraviolet ( UV ) D[more]

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