NABCO Inc.2007-01-15 17:28:30

NABCO Introduces Grabber Pole for EOD Professionals

NABCO, Inc. has added another new product to its
growing line: the NABCO EOD Grabber Pole.

The Grabber Pole is a lightweight, easily deployed tool that enables an EOD technician to easily move items that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Designed especially for EOD
professionals, the Grabber Pole can be carried in one hand to the suspect item, even when wearing a bomb suit — leaving the other hand free for a disruptor or other tools.

"This is a tool designed by EOD professionals for EOD professionals,� explains Randy Markey, Chief Operating Officer of NABCO. "It effectively meets the real-world needs and concerns of bomb squad technicians in the field.�

Weighing less than 3 kg, the NABCO Grabber Pole is 228.6 cm long when fully deployed, providing significant standoff. Its adjustable, quick-pivoting head can be easily manipulated, allowing the EOD technician to reach items in a wide variety of situations. And because it measures only 137 cm in the collapsed position, the Grabber Pole can be easily transported in any vehicle — including the trunk of a squad car.

"This new product is yet another strategic option in NABCO's expanding product line," explains Jay Markey, President. "It's one more way that NABCO meets the needs of EOD

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