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FAA-designed Threat Containment Unit (TCU) Added to the NABCO Product Line

NABCO, Inc. announced today that it has licensed the FAA-designed Threat Containment Unit (TCU) and will manufacture the TCU as part of NABCO's expanding product line.

"NABCO now offers potential customers -- such as airports, mass transit facilities, ports, and office buildings -- two great choices for containing suspect luggage or packages," comments Randy Markey, COO of NABCO. "Our existing Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel (SLCV) and our new FAA-approved TCU."

The TCU was originally designed by the United States Navy's Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) for the Federal Aviation Administration's Security Integrated Product Team (SEIPT). It can safely contain the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED) inside a piece of passenger luggage.

Designed to be used together with explosives detection equipment during screening, the TCU can be mated to a two-piece transport conveyance, consisting of a terminal cart for use inside the facility and a separate road cart for use on the road.

"This new product complements NABCO's existing Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel,� explains Randy Markey, COO of NABCO, "and provides a valuable option for facilities where an FAA-approved design is critical." For many customers, the TCU's FAA-approved design can help speed funding approval -- a vital consideration. "Yet some airports and transportation facilities will require a more flexible technology with more options," explains Jay Markey, president of NABCO. "And for those customers, our existing Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel (SLCV) -- with its remotely operated door, optional robotic operation and other features — will continue to be attractive."

FirstLink, the Department of Defense's National Center of Excellence for First Responder Technology Transfer, facilitated the licensing of the TCU's design to NABCO.

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