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NABCO, the world leader in total containment vessels for bomb disposal, has announced the introduction of the NABCO Tracked TCV Transporter, a robot-like unit that can be used to pick up and contain a suspected WMD or bomb remotely, from up to 750 feet away.

"This new model literally puts bomb disposal on a whole new track," said Randy Markey, Chief Operating Officer. "For the first time, bomb disposal squads will be able to deploy a robot to the suspect device, instead of a human being."

With the company's newest model, there's no longer a need for a technician to drive the unit. Instead, the EOD team can deploy the Tracked TCV Transporter to the suspect device by remote control. Then, using the optional robotic arm, they can pick up the device and place it in the Total Containment Vessel (TCV), where it can be safely contained prior to disposal.

"Best of all, the EOD team can do all this from the safety of their command truck, using either the hard-wired or optional wireless remote control," adds Jay Markey, President of NABCO. "This greatly reduces the potential for injury to EOD team members."

This new model's most striking feature is its Caterpillar Track System capable of carrying up to 7500 lbs. But the unit's Total Containment Vessel itself is state of the art as well, featuring NABCO's automatic hydraulic yoke system for safe, fast closing and a side-loading door port to facilitate robotic loading. The TCV is rated for up to 10 lbs. of TNT, and with NABCO's new BioChemratedTM technology, can also effectively contain chemical or biological agents up to its maximum explosive charge. The TCV can also be outfitted to contain radiological weapons.

The NABCO Tracked TCV Transporter is available either new or as an upgrade, enabling organizations who have purchased a previous TCV model to benefit from the company's latest technology.

"NABCO has more customers by far than anyone else in the field," remarks Randy Markey, COO. " And one reason is that with each new generation of our products, we've created effective upgrade paths for our customer base. This new Tracked TCV Transporter is no exception."

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