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BQT's High-Tech Security Solutions selected for the World's Tallest and most Prestigious building, The Burj Dubai.

The Board of BQT Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that the company has been selected to provide its High-Tech Security Solutions for the Burj Dubai, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Many products of BQT's competitors were evaluated, but BQT's high-tech security solutions were chosen due to their quality and unrivalled security.

This prestigious building demands the highest standard of design, construction and finishes. The Burj Dubai structure represents the state-of-art in tall building design. Once completed, it will not only be the world's tallest building but the tallest man-made structure ever created. The estimated building costs of the Burj Dubai are US$1 billion, whilst development of the entire downtown Burj Dubai project is estimated to cost US$20 billion.

The Burj Dubai will incorporate the first Armani Hotel with some 175 rooms, 144 luxury residential suites designed by Giorgio Armani, and 800 private apartments. The higher floors will consist of offices and further private suites.

Commenting on the deal, BQT's Managing Director Mr John Genner said, "The Burj Dubai is the centrepiece of the massive Burj area, also known as the ‘Old Town' area. This area will incorporate International Hotels, Five Star Restaurants, Outdoor Cafes, Office buildings, Residential buildings, Villas, Retail outlets

"The total area will be one of the most prestigious urban areas in the world and we are very pleased to have won the contract against tenders from many larger overseas competitors, highlighting the impressive and innovative team assembled at BQT.�

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