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BQT Solutions (UK) Limited is an International Technology Company specializing in security solutions to meet the most stringent requirements in the world today. BQT has eleven years global experience as a leading manufacturer of Mifare (13.56 MHz contactless smart card) technology and the provision of multi-application solutions for end users in all business sectors. Our expertise and reputation in enabling the integration of Access Control and CCTV with the multiple application functionality that Mifare smart cards offer, has lead us to be involved in many high profile projects through-out the world.

BQTs' biometric solutions include – fingerprint authentication, Iris and 3D facial recognition. BQT's "Sentinal Solutions" offers modules for Facial and Number Plate Recognition and Moving Object Tracking. BQT can deliver a security solution to protect buildings/infrastructure and PC/Network with its range of access control systems, data encryption algorithms and security authentication products.

We understand that each client has unique needs and requirements; no project is considered too small or too large. This is reflected by the breadth of contracts already successfully completed which include small offices to very complex projects for Military, Airports, Ports, Health, Education, Banking & Finance, Commercial and Government agencies.

BQT works to an "Open System" enabling our solutions to be seamlessly integrated and tailored to a clients specific requirements; whether it be physical or network access control solutions, automated CCTV monitoring, transaction security or simply replacing, or enhancing a subset of an existing solution.

In today's world, security of people and data is under increasingly greater threats as crime moves between the physical and electronic worlds; always looking for the weakest link and largest profits.

BQT build solutions with this in mind to ensure the project requirements are met and have the ability to exceed client expectations.


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April 2008

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 30th April 2008

BQT Solutions will be exhibiting their capability to design full security systems to meet the demanding needs of transport gateways at TranSec 2008 [more]

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 2nd April 2008

Major Middle East oil company chooses Bio-XK Series from BQT Solutions for their biometric access control requirement BQT , Europe Ltd are pleased [more]

February 2008

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 19th February 2008

BQT Solutions targets local government with SmaX BQT Solutions, a company renowned for its extensive experience in providing security to some of th[more]

January 2008

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 28th January 2008

BQT Solutions (UK) Ltd expands into Europe. Following the successful launch of their new High Security Access Control Solution for SME’s in[more]

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 23rd January 2008

BQT launch new Bio-X series Outdoor Biometric Reader Bio-X series Outdoor Biometric readers have been designed to provide accurate identification a[more]

December 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 20th December 2007

Access Control for SME’s made easier Historically; security has always been a compromise between potential risk and the justification of cos[more]

November 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 29th November 2007

SmaX delivers high security access control for SME's BQT, a company that provides access security solutions for some of the UK’s most sensit[more]

October 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 30th October 2007

SIEMENS to manufacture range of CCTV Surveillance technology for BQT Solutions BQT Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that it has signed an a[more]

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 10th October 2007

BQTSAT has completed Phase 1 of its Satellite project BQT Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that its subsidiary BQT Satellites Pty Ltd (BQTS[more]

July 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 31st July 2007

BQT’s miPASS Smart Card Technology secures China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announc[more]

August 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 27th August 2007

BQTSAT is awarded Phase 1 of a 100 million Satellite project from a Dubai based Company BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce that[more]

September 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 27th September 2007

BQT’s Solutions receives $286K order for State Transit Authority Buses BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce it has receive[more]

June 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 11th June 2007

BQT is selected for the Shanghai Gold Exchange BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce that the company has been selected to provide[more]

May 2007

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 12th May 2007

BQT is selected for the WORLD’S LARGEST SHOPPING MALL, DUBAI MALL BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce that the company ha[more]

BQT Solutions (UK) limited 12th May 2007

BQT’s High-Tech Security Solutions selected for the World’s Tallest and most Prestigious building, The Burj Dubai. The Board of BQT S[more]

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BQT Solutions (UK) limited

Regal House
London Road
TW 1 3QS
United Kingdom

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