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Thales selected by the French Ministries of the Interior and of Immigration for its biometric identification system

Following an international bid, Thales has been selected by the French Ministries of the Interior and of Immigration for the AGDREF II project. It aims at upgrading the system that manages the records of foreign nationals in France. As part of this contract, Thales will deliver its TAMMIS@ (Thales Automated Multi-Modal Identification System) application which prevents identity fraud as well as deploy biometric data enrolment software in more than 300 prefectures and sub-prefectures across France. This solution will process data from Thales's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) which contains the information of almost 4 million individuals.

TAMMIS@ will help improve the management of foreign nationals, providing identification capabilities for the issuing of secure ID credentials across multiple areas, including Asylum, Residence, Family Reunification, Citizenship Acquisition, Deportation, Refusal of Entry, Travel and Appeals.

As Olivier Faucher, Director of the Digital Identity business at Thales, explains: "We are extremely proud of the relationship of trust we have built with two of France's most prominent ministries as part of this programme. Our success is a mark of recognition of Thales's technological excellence and expertise in biometric systems, already illustrated by the contract we won in 2008 to provide the UK with our CWIC (Critical Workers Identity Card) system for the country's identity card scheme."

Thales's seamless knowledge of the whole biometric processing chain, from enrolment devices to central identification workflow, ensures that the central databases and all data processing operations meet the highest quality standards.

Thales has the largest AFIS system in France and continues to deploy its fingerprint and face recognition based biometric multi-modal AFIS technology around the world.
This latest generation technology will ensure the uniqueness of future biometric ID documents as well as full compliance with international standards.

For more information contact:
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