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July 2019

Thales 25th July 2019

Thales Joins Forces with Micro-X, One of Australia’s Most Innovative Start-ups, To Revolutionize Airport Checkpoint Technologies From airport c[more]

Thales 2nd July 2019

Thales joins forces with Micro-X one of Australia’s most innovative startups, to revolutionize airport checkpoint technologies   From air[more]

December 2017

Thales 20th December 2017

Thales and Gemalto create a world leader in digital security   Thales and Gemalto announced that they have reached a merger agreement  &n[more]

November 2017

Thales 24th November 2017

Azur Drones and Thales are co-developing PHEBUS, a new concept combining a connected mini-drone and a secure communications cell for defence forces an[more]

Thales 21st November 2017

A new connected solution for security force vehiclesThales and Gruau announce a partnership to develop a new connected solution for patrol vehicles of[more]

October 2017

Thales 12th October 2017

Le Groupe La Poste Launches Trials With Thales to Determine Optimum Response to New Cybersecurity Legislation   Le Groupe La Poste and Thales t[more]

September 2017

Thales 19th September 2017

EchoStar Mobile and Thales emphasize importance of communications connectivity for public protection and disaster response 2 GHz band Provides the Res[more]

July 2017

Thales 20th July 2017

Two in five retailers across the globe have experienced a data breach in the past year, according to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Editio[more]

May 2017

Thales 31st May 2017

The Imprimerie Nationale Group and Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport unveil the first automatic e-gates for border control, after the announcement of [more]

April 2017

Thales 5th April 2017

Thales SEARCHMASTER® multi-role surveillance radar ready for delivery In March, the first in the series production of Thales SEARCHMASTER® mu[more]

Thales 5th April 2017

The Video Protection Revolution is Under Way   However, new technologies are creating pathways to enable the best possible use of these systems[more]

January 2017

Thales 18th January 2017

Thales to upgrade the Swiss Air Force Master radars As part of the FLORAKO programme modernisation, armasuisse has awarded Thales a contract to up[more]

February 2017

Thales 10th February 2017

Digital transformations are changing how people think about commercial and consumer products, the same progress and innovations are shaping the future[more]

January 2017

Thales 5th January 2017

Thales to equip the French forces with Spy'Ranger mini reconnaissance UAVs Thales's latest-generation Spy'Ranger mini surveillance an[more]

November 2016

Thales 2nd November 2016

Thales is Digitalising its Customers' Critical Communications Thales is launching its consultation offer for infrastructure networks, the heart of [more]

October 2016

Thales 19th October 2016

Thales high-tech systems on board French Navy's future medium-size frigates At Euronaval 2016, the French ministry of defence unveiled the F[more]

Thales 6th October 2016

Cisco and Thales innovate together for trusted cybersecurity solution Cisco and Thales have launched a trusted cybersecurity solution to detect an[more]

Thales 5th October 2016

Thales offers a trusted probe for Critical National Infrastructure Provider Thales introduces its cyberattack detection probe, currently undergoing[more]

September 2016

Thales 23rd September 2016

The Indian Air Force signs up for 36 Rafale Thales, a member of the Rafale team, alongside Dassault Aviation, welcomes the selection of the Rafale [more]

August 2016

Thales 30th August 2016

Thales to ensure the security of ENGIE's digital transformation plan ENGIE and Thales have signed a partnership to enhance the security of the ener[more]

July 2016

Thales 13th July 2016

Thales Alenia Space a key player in observation and exploration Thales Alenia Space, has announced the start of the SWOT satellite (Surface Water [more]

Thales 13th July 2016

Digital transformation security As an individual in the age of digital transformation, chances are good that your life has been shaped or changed d[more]

June 2016

Thales 15th June 2016

TDA ARMEMENTS SAS announces the successful completion of the first tests of the active protection system for armored vehicles TDA ARMEMENTS SAS d[more]

Thales 14th June 2016

Thales launches Digipack, a ready-to-deploy solution connecting vehicles on the battlefield Thales launches Digipack, a new digitisation solution f[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales and Unica to secure 170 locations of the Netherlands' MOD Thales and Unica have signed a performance based contract with the CDC (Com[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales launches SYNAPS, the new broadband tactical software-defined radio family for collaborative combat At Eurosatory 2016, Thales announces the [more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales launches new ultra-tactical version of the Ground Master 60 with a search on the move capacity Ground Master 60 radar, intended for use with[more]

Thales 13th June 2016

Thales and Soframe launch MILFLEET services solution to optimise military vehicle fleet management At Eurosatory 2016, Thales and Soframe are launc[more]

May 2016

Thales 18th May 2016

Thales to Build "Cyber Range", a Cybersecurity Training and Testing Facility for the Dutch Defence Cyber Command In the Netherlands, th[more]

April 2016

Thales 29th April 2016

Thales Alenia Space announced today the official kickoff of its Stratobus research & development project. Stratobus is an autonomous stratospheric[more]

Thales 29th April 2016

The Royal Thai Navy selects Thales to modernise its naval capabilities Thales has announced two significant contracts for the supply of a full spec[more]

Thales 29th April 2016

Thales Alenia Space announced today the official kickoff of its Stratobus research & development project. Stratobus is an autonomous stratospheric[more]

Thales 28th April 2016

Thales Delivers Trusted Security for SAMSUNG ARTIKâ„¢ IoT Platform Thales has announced that the SAMSUNG ARTIKâ„¢ platform includes hardwar[more]

March 2016

Thales 31st March 2016

Qatar Armed Forces select Thales SEARCHMASTER radar Qatar Armed Forces have announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the selection of the [more]

Thales 29th March 2016

Thales and BEL-Thales Systems Limited to develop PHAROS fire control radar Thales and BEL-Thales Systems Limited (BTSL), the joint venture between [more]

Thales 22nd March 2016

Thales and SFR enhance the Professional Mobile Radio network Thales and SFR have formed a technology partnership to meet the future network require[more]

Thales 11th March 2016

Thales Opens New Cyber Security Operations Centre as Cybercrime Continues to Grow Thales announces the opening of a new Cyber Security Operations C[more]

February 2016

Thales 15th February 2016

Thales Delivers High Assurance and Trust Across Business Critical Applications with Next Generation Hardware Security Modules (HSMS) Thales announc[more]

November 2015

Thales 18th November 2015

Altronix offers a number of products designed for surveillance, access and security devices in challenging outdoor environments. Altronix outdoor [more]

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling a complete set of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the specific requirements of essential operators. These modular solution[more]

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling the latest developments in its EIJI secure, high-availability mobile telephony offering and launching an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Netw[more]

Thales 18th November 2015

Thales is unveiling a new ruggedised 10x20 HD D/N zoom lens developed specifically for the security and surveillance market. The high-definition le[more]

Thales 19th November 2015

hales unveils Spy'Ranger, the latest-generation surveillance and reconnaissance mini-drone specifically tailored to the needs of armed forces, [more]

October 2015

Thales 23rd October 2015

Thales has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire data protection company Vormetric Thales has announced that it has signed a definit[more]

September 2015

Thales 30th September 2015

New Thales cybersecurity solution for industrial networks Thales has added the ELIPS-SD unidirectional security gateway for civil operators to its [more]

Thales 17th September 2015

Thales wins £54M Vehicle Sighting System contract for SCOUT SV Gunnery Sights Thales is announcing today the award of a £54M contract from L[more]

Thales 17th September 2015

Royal Thai Army places additional order for STARstreak Air Defence Missile Systems Thales announced today at DSEI that it has signed a multi-milli[more]

Thales 15th September 2015

Thales is introducing MSN 8200, a new Wideband ready naval high frequency radio, at DSEI 15 With the advent of Wideband, HF communication is set to[more]

Thales 3rd September 2015

Visa Ready security certification by Thales in the mobile payments domain. Thales's Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility (IT[more]

Thales 1st September 2015

WB Electronics and Thales unveil their Unmanned Aircraft System for Polish Gryf programme WB Electronics and Thales unveiled today at Polandâ€[more]

Thales 1st September 2015

Thales has been selected by the Ministry of Transport & Communications of Oman for the full deployment of an integrated security solution for Muscat I[more]

August 2015

Thales 1st August 2015

Thales is announcing today the award of a £125M contract for the supply of Sighting Systems and Ancillary Equipment to General Dynamics UK for the [more]

Thales 4th August 2015

New era as F90 assault rifle enters Australian Defence Force service The Australian Department of Defence has signed a AUD 100 million contract wit[more]

July 2015

Thales 1st July 2015

Netherlands order 12 new Bushmasters A dozen life-saving Bushmasters are going into production in Bendigo for export to the Netherlands, after the [more]

June 2015

Thales 17th June 2015

Thales and Textron AirLand announced have that they have successfully jointly integrated Thales' I-Master radar on to Textron AirLand's [more]

Thales 17th June 2015

Thales announces the AVANT in-flight entertainment system has been selected by Oman Air's for its fleet expansion. This announcement covers [more]

Thales 16th June 2015

Royal Jordanian Air Force to be equipped with more Thales I-Master radars Thales announced today at Paris Airshow 2015, that they have been selecte[more]

May 2015

Thales 21st May 2015

Thales signs an agreement with HP to collaborate on next generation critical communication systems to support emergency services. Thales has signed[more]

Thales 7th May 2015

Thales has been awarded contract for its new TopShield-400® Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna system (CRPA) for the future French Tanker. Th[more]

April 2015

Thales 27th April 2015

Netherlands Ministry of Defence partners with Thales for Air Defence Systems and services The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Thales ann[more]

Thales 9th April 2015

Thales lands contract for Thales's intercom system Sotas Lite in Australia As part of the Australia's Land 121 Phase 3B Project, Thal[more]

Thales 2nd April 2015

Thales launches secure mobile voice and text solution for inter-governmental administrations At the ROOMn mobile and digital technologies event in [more]

March 2015

Thales 13th March 2015

Thales to develop France's CERES space-borne military intelligence system The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has selected Thales and Airbu[more]

Thales 9th March 2015

Qatar's New Port Project: Thales Awarded a Contract to Secure One of the World's Largest "Greenfield" Ports Thales has be[more]

December 2014

Thales 15th December 2014

European Cyber Security Protection Alliance official launch CYSPA (European Cyber Security Protection Alliance) has officially been launched as a E[more]

November 2014

Thales 25th November 2014

Sophisticated Event Management Systems delivered by Thales Australia have secured important world leaders and supported a successful G20 Summit in Bri[more]

Thales 14th November 2014

ThalesRaytheonSystems Air Command and Control System is ready to provide NATO essential interoperability ThalesRaytheonSystems has completed system[more]

Thales 5th November 2014

Selex ES and Thales start work on UK-French Future Combat Air System sensor requirement. Laurent Collet-Billon, head of the French defence procurem[more]

October 2014

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales is launching the new SEARCHMASTER® multirole surveillance radar with active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) technology SEARCHMASTER[more]

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales is unveiling PASTOR, a unique service solution to protect vessels against piracy. Primarily designed for shipping companies, this high-leve[more]

Thales 26th October 2014

Thales announces they have once again been selected by Gulfstream to deliver fly-by-wire flight control systems on the G650ER unveiled in May. This f[more]

Thales 28th October 2014

Thales announce the launch of a new range of compact sonars for surface combatants and patrol vessels displacing 300 tonnes or more. Easy to insta[more]

Thales 21st October 2014

Thales announces a new partnership in the civil drone domain with solutions manufacturer, Fly-n-Sense. The partnership sees Fly-n-Sense's S[more]

Thales 20th October 2014

Thales has been awarded a contract to supply the qatar armed forces with a military satellite communications system to enhance national security and p[more]

September 2014

Thales 18th September 2014

Lockheed Martin Canada has awarded Thales Nederland a contract for the delivery of two SMART-S Mk2 radars, a 3D surveillance radar. These medium-to[more]

Thales 15th September 2014

Thales has been selected by Aéroports de Lyon for the supply, integration and support of the new airport operation control centre of the "Lyo[more]

August 2014

Thales 19th August 2014

Thales has been awarded a new £3.8 million two-year contract to provide the Home Office with a fully-managed Public Key Infrastructure Shared Servi[more]

June 2014

Thales 17th June 2014

Thales supplies secure communications services for EU force in Central African Republic Thales has been chosen to supply and operate the European U[more]

May 2014

Thales 22nd May 2014

Cyber-security: Strategic partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and Thales Thales and Alcatel-Lucent have entered exclusive negotiations for the consi[more]

Thales 22nd May 2014

Airbus Defence and Space has awarded Thales a multi-million pound contract to supply the Royal Air Force with a second full-flight simulator for the A[more]

Thales 2nd May 2014

Thales Alenia Space expands presence in Europe with new British subsidiary, Thales Alenia Space UK Thales Alenia Space announced today that it is [more]

April 2014

Thales 25th April 2014

Thales is releasing the third edition of its annual research report - Encryption in the Cloud At InfoSecurity Europe Thales is releasing the[more]

Thales 7th April 2014

The Japanese Ministry of Defence has ordered four Bushmaster vehicles for deployment with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The vehicles[more]

Thales 3rd April 2014

Sisley selects Thales to secure its mobiles Thales has signed a contract with French high-end cosmetics company, Sisley, for deployment of the TEOP[more]

March 2014

Thales 31st March 2014

Thales to assist the Qatar Armed Forces with the development of an Optionally Piloted Vehicle - Aircraft Thales has signed a memorandum of understa[more]

Thales 27th March 2014

Thales security and critical infrastructure offerings in the Middle East Thales will be presenting its full range of security solutions for governm[more]

Thales 27th March 2014

Thales has signed a contract to equip 1,000 buses and trams with its new On Board Video 8000 solution. Thales has signed a contract with Paris tran[more]

Thales 20th March 2014

Laurent Maury named Vice President in charge of Thales's new "Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity" Business Line Laurent Mau[more]

Thales 17th March 2014

Thales delivers Belgian national warning system, BE-ALERT Joëlle Milquet, Belgium's Minister of the Interior, announced the pilot launch of an e[more]

Thales 18th March 2014

Thales and DCNS announce the comprehensive modernisation programme of the Colombian Navy's four Almirante Padilla class frigates has been concl[more]

Thales 13th March 2014

Thales today secured a pre-launch order for the new Cougar Team Radio due for release on the 31 March 2014. Dextera Global has placed an initial o[more]

Thales 6th March 2014

Thales's Watchkeeper given Release To Service by UK Ministry of Defence Watchkeeper, the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developed by Thales [more]

February 2014

Thales 28th February 2014

Thales has been awarded a contract to provide an Integrated Security System (ISS) for the West Qurna-2 oil field development located 65 km northwest o[more]

Thales 14th February 2014

Thales Wins First Contract for New Scout Mk3 Naval Radar System Thales and Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding have signed a contract for the delivery[more]

Thales 17th February 2014

Thales IFF Equipment Selected for French Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier and Horizon Frigates As part of contracts awarded by the French Defence[more]

Thales 18th February 2014

Thales to supply radars and sonars for the Royal Malaysian Navy's Second Generation Patrol Vessels Thales announces that it has signed a Let[more]

Thales 6th February 2014

Thales has created a new Business Line called Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity Thales has created a new Business Line called Critical[more]

January 2014

Thales 29th January 2014

Thales Wins Study Contract to Define Architecture of Future Network-Centric Operations By French Forces The French defence procurement agency has a[more]

December 2013

Thales 13th December 2013

Thales announced that the EC635 helicopter Full Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) delivered to the Swiss Air Force has achieved JAR FSTD-H* Level D cert[more]

November 2013

Thales 18th November 2013

Thales announced the signing of a contract with the Dutch shipyard Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding for the delivery and installation of a full missio[more]

Thales 28th November 2013

Thales to enhance UK nuclear power station emergency response with new Deployable Communication & Information System Thales UK today announces it w[more]

Thales 27th November 2013

Airbus and Thales have signed a long-term service agreement in support of Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) and Tailored Support Package (TSP) program[more]

Thales 20th November 2013

Injazat Data Systems and Thales are collaborating on an advanced and innovative Cybersecurity offering for UAE companies. Injazat and Thales are wo[more]

Thales 19th November 2013

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and Thales are presenting the MIDS tactical mobile command post vehicle for managing large-scale events and crises. R[more]

Thales 19th November 2013

Thales unveils large-scale event and crisis management system Thales presents its new integrated system for large‐scale event management and [more]

October 2013

Thales 22nd October 2013

Thales and SIMMAD announce award of SILOUET 3 avionics support contract for French Armed forces Thales has been awarded the SILOUET 3[1] support co[more]

Thales 2nd October 2013

Thales and Schneider Electric team up on cybersecurity for command-and-control systems Under a new cooperation agreement, Thales and Schneider Elec[more]

Thales 4th October 2013

Dassault Aviation and Thales to modernise French Navy's Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft in partnership with DCNS and SIAé Dassault [more]

Thales 7th October 2013

Watchkeeper receives Statement of Type Design Assurance from the UK Military Aviation Authority Thales UK today announced that its Watchkeeper Unma[more]

Thales 8th October 2013

Embraer selects Thales IFF systems for military aircraft upgrades Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has awarded Thales a contract to supply I[more]

September 2013

Thales 25th September 2013

Thales wins support contract for MRR radars aboard Norwegian corvettes Thales has signed the first contract to provide through-life support for si[more]

Thales 11th September 2013

Thales introduces new communications system for vehicle: Sotas Lite Thales introduces Sotas Lite as a new member of the well-known family of Sotas[more]

July 2013

Thales 4th July 2013

Thales, in partnership with Orange Business Services, has signed a new contract with ANTS, France's national agency for secure identity documents, and[more]

June 2013

Thales 18th June 2013

Thales to supply sonobuoy processors to Romanian Navy Romanian helicopter manufacturer IAR Brasov has chosen Thales to supply TMS 2000 sonobuoy pro[more]

Thales 17th June 2013

Thales Unveils Avionics 2020, the cockpit of the future On the opening day of the Paris Airshow 2013 Thales unveiled its cockpit of the future. [more]

Thales 18th June 2013

Thales and SIMMAD announce five-year support contract for French armed forces aeronautical equipment Thales has been awarded the MOREAT1 contract [more]

Thales 15th June 2013

Thales delivers e-passport management system in Uzbekistan Thales, in cooperation with the prime contractor Oberthur Technologies, has delivered a [more]

Thales 3rd June 2013

Test flights of Diamond DA42 with Thales I-Master demonstrate outstanding performance Thales's I-Master radar system has successfully comple[more]

May 2013

Thales 24th May 2013

Thales presents NEXIUM Wireless, the new LTE network solution for professional mobile radio Thales announces the commercial launch of NEXIUM Wirele[more]

Thales 23rd May 2013

Thales implements a LTE pilot on the Jordanian TETRA network Thales has been selected to implement a Long Term Evolution (LTE) pilot which is full[more]

Thales 22nd May 2013

Thales with the key industrial partner "Company AGAT LLP" (Kazakhstan) announces the entry into service of one of Central Asia's largest TETRA radio n[more]

March 2013

Thales 29th March 2013

Thales selected to study military uses of LTE broadband communications standard The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has awarded Thales the [more]

Thales 1st March 2013

Thales Alenia Space and ISS Reshetnev create Joint Venture in Russia Jean Loïc Galle, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space, and Nikolay Test[more]

February 2013

Thales 27th February 2013

France selects ThalesRaytheonSystems to supply its third Ground Master 400 radar base The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has selected T[more]

Thales 15th February 2013

Thales to deliver Squire radars to Norway Thales and Vinghøg AS, a Norwegian subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence, signed a contract for the deliv[more]

Thales 12th February 2013

Thales awarded Optronics contract for Upgraded LAV III vehicles Thales Canada announced today that it has been awarded a significant subcontract fr[more]

Thales 8th February 2013

Agusta Westland selects Thales to supply FLASH Compact dipping sonars to equip Lynx helicopters Agusta Westland has selected Thales as the supplier[more]

January 2013

Thales 29th January 2013

Thales delivers first maritime surveillance aircraft to Turkey Thales has delivered the first of three maritime surveillance aircraft under the M[more]

Thales 25th January 2013

Thales consortium wins electronic tagging contract Thales and its consortium partners G4S and Onet Sécurité have been selected by the French [more]

November 2012

Thales 13th November 2012

Success of Thales Avionics Flight Management Systems is confirmed in China Thales is proud to announce the selection of its TopFlight Management Sy[more]

Thales 21st November 2012

Luxair extends its partnership with Thales avionics support Luxemburg based regional carrier Luxair, operating out of Findel International Airport,[more]

Thales 29th November 2012

Netherlands Ministry of Defence awards Thales Goalkeeper Modification contract The Netherland's Ministry of Defence and Thales Nederland hav[more]

Thales 15th November 2012

Thales acquires Sysgo, the European leader in real-time, highly secure operating systems 15 November 2012 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France -15 N[more]

October 2012

Thales 24th October 2012

Thales sonars qualified at sea for French and Italian FREMM frigates Conclusive sea trials confirm FREMM's anti-submarine warfare function [more]

September 2012

Thales 18th September 2012

Thales Awarded Second Contract for AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radios Thales Communications, Inc. announces that the U.S. Army has awarded the second Lo[more]

July 2012

Thales 25th July 2012

France and UK take a significant step towards Watchkeeper cooperation The UK and France have moved a step forward today in demonstrating their comm[more]

Thales 9th July 2012

Rafale Transformation Squadron increases training capacity with Thales simulators Thales announces the acceptance by the French defence procuremen[more]

June 2012

Thales 13th June 2012

Thales's TMA 6000 wideband airborne datalink terminal obtains US Certification Thales announces the STANAG 7085 certification of its TMA 6000 wideb[more]

Thales 12th June 2012

Thales debuts new assault rifle - the F90 Eurosatory, 11 June 2012 - Thales has debuted its new F90 assault rifle at this year's Eurosatory exhibit[more]

March 2012

Thales 30th March 2012

Thales delivers first production RBE2 AESA radar to Dassault Aviation In February, Thales delivered the first series-produced RBE2 radar with acti[more]

April 2012

Thales 5th April 2012

Thales to provide GPS SAASM receivers for French Navy Lynx helicopters Thales has been awarded a contract by the Service Industriel de l'Aérona[more]

March 2012

Thales 27th March 2012

First operational naval VL_MICA missile integrated with TACTICOS Thales is proud to announce that the first operational naval VL_MICA missile world[more]

February 2012

Thales 8th February 2012

Thales has reinforced its coastal and maritime border surveillance offer with the addition of the FULMAR maritime surveillance and identification UAV [more]

December 2011

Thales 13th December 2011

Thales's Hawkei vehicles selected by the Australian MoD Australia's Minister for Defence Stephen Smith announced Monday that the Thal[more]

November 2011

Thales 17th November 2011

Thales reaches a major milestone in the deployment of the European visa-application management system In Algiers, Schengen visa applications are no[more]

Thales 22nd November 2011

IGN Awards Thales and Cassidian Prime Contractship for Second Phase of the Topobase Défense Operation The French geographic Institute IGN (Insti[more]

December 2011

Thales 7th December 2011

Thales to Acquire Tampa Microwave Thales today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Tampa Microwave, a privately held company specializi[more]

September 2011

Thales 15th September 2011

Thales and Yahsat team up to offer highly secure ground satellite communication services Thales, a global technology leader for the Defence & Secur[more]

July 2011

Thales 6th July 2011

Thales completes coastal surveillance radar demonstration for NAVAIR Thales's naval business completed the testing and demonstration of its [more]

Thales 7th July 2011

Submarine returns to fleet with upgraded Thales sonar HMS Trenchant, the Royal Navy's (RN's) most capable and up-to-date Trafalgar-class nuc[more]

Thales 8th July 2011

Thales selected for Scout SV sights 08 July 2011 Thales UK has been selected by General Dynamics UK to supply the primary and secondary sighting s[more]

Thales 13th July 2011

Successful launch for six new second-generation Globalstar satellites 13 July 2011 Cannes, July 13, 2011 - The second batch of six satellit[more]

Thales 18th July 2011

Thales Alenia Space Italia awarded lead mandate for MUSIS-CIL Program Thales Alenia Space Italia announces the signature of a contract with OCCAR-E[more]

Thales 20th July 2011

Thales Alenia Space wins Phase B contracts for Solar Orbiter METIS and SWA instruments Cannes, July 19, 2011 - Thales Alenia Space announced[more]

Thales 20th July 2011

Minister accepts 800th Bushmaster to roll off the production line The 800th Bushmaster to roll off the Bendigo production line has been officially [more]

Thales 1st July 2011

Thales creates Thales Communications & Security Thales announces the creation of Thales Communications & Security, a company combining the joint sk[more]

Thales 22nd July 2011

Thales contracts new service concept for Claire Thermal Camera The Netherlands Ministry of Defense and Thales Nederland signed a contract for the [more]

Thales 29th July 2011

Thales and Dassault Aviation sign contract to upgrade Indian Air Force's Mirage 2000 fleet Based on the integration of latest generation e[more]

October 2010

Thales 25th October 2010

Thales minehunting sonars put to the test in Gulf exercise Four Royal Navy (RN) mine countermeasures vessels (MCMVs) fitted with Thales UK's[more]

Thales 25th October 2010

Netherlands Navy orders fifth Integrated Mast Today, the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization and Thales Nederland signed a contract for the d[more]

Thales 20th October 2010

Thales Unmanned Systems for Naval Operations - Advanced solutions for mine countermeasures and maritime surveillance Maritime unmanned vehicles pr[more]

Thales 19th October 2010

Euronaval 2010: Thales at the heart of new naval and security challenges Thales is at the forefront of developing new naval solutions to meet evolv[more]

Thales 5th October 2010

Netherlands' Navy orders additional Gatekeeper system The Dutch Defence Materiel Organization and Thales Nederland signed a contract this month for[more]

August 2010

Thales 4th August 2010

Thales seeks SME innovation for aviation security* Thales UK and Intellect (*supported by the cross-government INSTINCT programme) have launched a [more]

June 2010

Thales 28th June 2010

Thales selected by the Royal Navy of Oman to provide self-defence capabilities Thales announced today that it has signed an agreement with the Roya[more]

April 2010

Thales 15th April 2010

Watchkeeper makes first UK flight Thales UK today announces the maiden UK flight of the Watchkeeper unmanned air system (UAS). Watchkeeper flew f[more]

Thales 12th April 2010

Thales signs contract to equip additional FREMM frigates Thales has signed a contract to equip France’s additional three FREMM frigates with rada[more]

Thales 12th April 2010

UK Hermes 450 (H-450) tops 30,000 flight hours in theatre The UK Hermes 450 (H-450) fleet of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) have now flown more than [more]

Thales 3rd April 2010

Thales awarded the support contract for the Watchkeeper The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Thales UK the initial three-year support cont[more]

March 2010

Thales 31st March 2010

Netherlands Navy orders fifth Integrated Mast Today, the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization and Thales Nederland signed a contract for the [more]

February 2010

Thales 15th February 2010

Thales Australia wins significant Australian Defence Force command and intelligence systems contract Thales Australia has won the primary contract [more]

Thales 12th February 2010

Thales announces significant Sonar 2076 upgrade Thales UK today announces that it has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems to upgrade three Trafa[more]

Thales 9th February 2010

MOD and MCA/DfT selects Soteria for the Search and Rescue - Helicopter (SAR-H) programme Today the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Departm[more]

Thales 8th February 2010

Thales to provide self-protection systems for French forces' EC725 Caracal Neuilly-sur-Seine, 4 February 2010 - Thales announced today that [more]

Thales 11th February 2010

Belgian Navy orders Thales sensors Thales Nederland today announces that it has received a contract for two Seastar and Gatekeeper sensors, that ar[more]

Thales 3rd February 2010

Thales signs first contract with Dassault Aviation for through-life support of Rafale avionics Thales today announced that it has signed a contract[more]

Thales 2nd February 2010

Thales to support Royal Australian Air Force Wedgetail training Thales Australia has signed a five-year agreement with Boeing Defence Australia to [more]

Thales 2nd February 2010

Thales partners with Schiebel for the French DGA VTOL UAV trials In December 2009, the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) selected Schiebelâ[more]

January 2010

Thales 27th January 2010

ThalesRaytheonSystems' NATO Air Command and Control System approved for rollout in Czech Republic, Denmark and Greece ThalesRaytheonSystems,[more]

Thales 5th January 2010

New Zealand Army selects Thales for multi-year Small Arms Ammunition supply Thales is Australia's leading supplier of munitions, propellants, ordna[more]

December 2009

Thales 5th December 2009

Thales wins Camp Protection contract The German Bundeswehr selected Thales for the sensor integration part of its SEO* programme. Thales will once [more]

January 2010

Thales 21st January 2010

Thales and Voltage Security Forge Technology Integration and Marketing Partnership to Deliver End-to-End Encryption and Key Management to Secure Payme[more]

Thales 11th January 2010

Thales Introduces nShield Connect 500 and nShield Connect 1500 to complete its newest generation of high performance Hardware Security Modules Thal[more]

Thales 20th January 2010

First French Army simulator network achieved over distance Thales has completed a successful simulator network between the French Army simulation f[more]

November 2009

Thales 25th November 2009

Thales Deutschland to equip all German Navy supply ships Command & decision and radar systems for the "Berlin", "Frankfurt am Main" and new "Bonn" [more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Thales launches TeMax, a broadband Private Mobile Radio (PMR) solution for mission critical users Thales today announces the launch of TeMax, an in[more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Modernisation of Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation Thales has signed a contract worth 152 million riyals (approx. 30 million euros) with Saudi Arabia[more]

Thales 19th November 2009

Thales Alenia Space to deliver second flight model very-high-resolution optical imaging instrument to EADS Astrium for European Pleiades program Th[more]

Thales 17th November 2009

Thales selected by the French Ministries of the Interior and of Immigration for its biometric identification system Following an international bid,[more]

Thales 16th November 2009

Thales launches a comprehensive anti-terrorism offering combining security and defence solutions Thales announces the launch of a counter-terrorism[more]

August 2009

Thales 25th August 2009

Thales announces WARTHOG contract with ST Kinetics Following the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) announcement in December 2008 of i[more]

November 2008

Thales 24th November 2008

Thales's WATCHKEEPER successfully passes first system flight trial Thales UK today announces the successful first system flight trials of th[more]

April 2008

Thales 1st April 2008

Thales wins support contracts for Royal Navy submarines Thales UK has been awarded contracts initially worth £35m from the UK Ministry of Defenc[more]

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