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Thales launches TeMax, a broadband Private Mobile Radio (PMR) solution for mission critical users

Thales today announces the launch of TeMax, an innovative broadband Private Mobile Radio (PMR) solution for mission critical users such as first responders, defence, or public safety organisations addressing crisis situations. TeMax is the first PMR solution offering high data rate applications while still providing traditional existing PMR services.

Recent emergency and crisis situations have generated the need for speed and effective communication systems. Mission- critical users such as first responders, defence, or public safety organizations organisations addressing crisis situations need real-time accurate situation analysis reported by field observers.

Private Mobile Radio solutions go one step further by integrating broadband services offering advanced PMR services such as exchange of real-time video, face recognition, video recording and streaming. Thales's TeMax broadband PMR offers a high data rate wireless access within a range of several kilometres to the end users, while still providing the classical functionalities offered by TETRA networks (individual, group or emergency calls, instant messaging, security levels, encryption...).

Thales's TeMax is a comprehensive mission supervision system for increased situation awareness and improved decision-making. It allows the dissemination of critical information (video, pictures, etc.) to teams in the field (video, pictures, etc.), real-time and accurate reporting of a field situation to the command and control room and a mobile high speed access to centralized centralised databases. TeMax also allows the use of critical applications such as zone monitoring, telemedicine and remote database access (fingerprints match or new biotechnology identification means for instance). These applications require significant synchronization synchronisation and information flow (data and video) from/to the crisis zone to/from the control and command centres/hospitals.

TeMax uses WiMAX technology as transport layer and implements a distributed architecture to considerably improve the resiliency, reliability and security of traditional WiMAX networks. The WiMAX technology, now widely deployed and field-proven all over the world for commercial networks, is the perfect technology to support Broadband broadband PMR services. It offers a broadband wireless access at data rates of at least 1 Mbits/s per user within a range of several kilometres.

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