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First French Army simulator network achieved over distance

Thales has completed a successful simulator network between the French Army simulation facilities in Le Luc (EALAT army aviation training centre) and Canjuers (1st armoured regiment) for the first time.

The objective was to verify the added value of networked multi-site simulation and how this capability could be implemented on a routine basis to support training and operational preparedness, as well as specific preparations for deployment to remote theatres.

The scenario involved three exercises that tied together the EDITH helicopter crew tactical trainer platform at Le Luc and the Leclerc main battle tank crew simulators at Canjuers. The exercise comprised a patrol of two Tiger helicopters and an armoured platoon of three Leclerc MBTs and three VBL light armoured vehicles. A Thales team of high-level experts coordinated the simultaneous operation of these sophisticated technologies.

The exercise was conducted within a very short timeframe to minimise disruption to normal instruction programmes at the two training centres. After the exercise, the simulators were immediately made available again to users, with regular instruction programmes able to continue as scheduled.

This exercise showed how remote simulation facilities can be coupled in a distributed multi-site network configuration to enable different elements with different operational functions to cooperate in a combined forces exercise.

Feedback from the users involved and observers from infantry and artillery academies was particularly positive. This first exercise was used to...

• Propose descriptions of network configurations for virtual distributed simulation exercises, in accordance with the types of units under instruction

• Define the associated organisation and assess the timeframes needed to plan and conduct this type of exercise

• Identify requirements for regular combined forces training in terms of execution (detachment of combined forces)

• Envisage the use of this type of capability for doctrine-related studies, in particular as part of the Scorpion programme

Through this exercise, Thales has demonstrated its ability to add considerable value for military training establishments as they prepare units for operational engagements in a combined or joint forces context. This capability will be further optimised with the addition of specially adapted databases, designed to allow units to train collectively in readiness for the theatre of operations.

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