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Thales wins Camp Protection contract

The German Bundeswehr selected Thales for the sensor integration part of its SEO* programme. Thales will once again provide its comprehensive capabilities in the areas of force/camp protection to the German Bundeswehr.

Within the Bundeswehr programme "Schutz von Einrichtungen und Objekten (SEO)� for asset and infrastructure protection Thales Germany together with Rheinmetall and Diehl BGT

Defence has been contracted to implement a demonstrator of an operations centre ("Zentrale Operative Schutzaufgaben (ZOSA)�) for this system.

Thales Germany will be responsible for providing a comprehensive C2, integrating sensors for camp protection, and will build it in particular upon the following Thales products:

- MUSEC, an open system to interface and control radar sensors, acoustic/seismic sensors (e.g. acoustic weapon locators like SMA "Schallmeßanlage� and unattended ground sensors (UGS) like BSA "Bodensensorausstattung�) and Electro/Optical systems, display their detections/plots/tracks/videos and overlay as well as exploit such tracks in a sophisticated manner, e.g. to cue E/O sensors

- MINDS, a versatile system for exploitation and display of external recce information provided largely by air-borne systems such as LUNA (UAV), KZO (UAV), Recce-TORNADO, SAATEG (UAV), SAR-Lupe (satellite) etc.

- MobÃœT, a flexible system for perimeter protection with associated sensors and intelligent sensor exploitation as the core of the security control centre, also integrating entry control and facility management systems

MUSEC and MINDS, besides being in-service with international customers, have already been acquired by the Bundeswehr for its force protection testbed (located at the WTD91 proving ground in Meppen), whereas MobÃœT has been in-service in all operational field camps of the Bundeswehr (particularly in Afghanistan and in the Balkans).

The success of Thales Germany re-enforces Thales's leadership in force and camp protection. Indeed, Thales systems for camp/force protection are in or going into service in Canada, the Netherlands and France among others.

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