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Thales announces significant Sonar 2076 upgrade

Thales UK today announces that it has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems to upgrade three Trafalgar-class and three Astute-class submarines with the Sonar 2076 Stage 5 system.

These submarines are currently fitted with the 2076 Stage 4 system. Once all the work is completed, 2076 Stage 5 will be fully deployed across the Royal Navy's (RN's) nuclear-powered attack (SSN) submarine fleet.

This contract builds on Thales UK's relationship with BAE Systems Submarine Solutions, and is a demonstration of the success of the Performance Partnering Agreement jointly put in place.

The ‘Stage 5 Inboard Replacement' (Stage 5 IR) contract is the latest in a series of developments to improve the capability, efficiency and through-life cost of the system to ensure that Sonar 2076 retains its reputation as the world's most advanced, fully integrated, passive/active search and attack sonar suite.

Stage 5 IR achieves the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) requirement for reduced through-life costs and the need for rapid capability insertions of new hardware, software functionality and new algorithms to meet the RN's changing mission requirements.

The upgrade also delivers an open architecture that allows a high degree of commonality with the future Astute and Vanguard-class replacement (Successor) submarines, and supports the MoD's vision for the evolution of a common sonar and combat system across the RN submarine flotilla.

S2076 Stage 5 is currently being deployed on the ‘first-of-class' platform and this is scheduled to complete by the middle of the year. Work on the Stage 5 IR contract will start immediately with equipment procurement and manufacture, with the platform upgrades planned for later this year through to late 2011.

Alec Grant, Head of Future Combat Systems at BAE Systems Submarine Solutions, says: "Thales UK is a key partner within the joint MoD / industry team developing the Submarine Common Combat System, and the roll out of Sonar 2076 Stage 5 represents a critical stage in achieving a common cross-flotilla solution."

Victor Chavez, Deputy CEO Thales UK, says: "This is a major milestone for Thales UK and confirmation that the solution we have developed in 2076 Stage 5 supports BAE Systems Submarine Solutions' intention to develop and deploy a common combat system across the flotilla for the MoD. We in Thales want to continue to play a major part in these developments and the Stage 5 IR contract is a significant step forward for us."

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