Ovation Systems Ltd2011-06-29 15:42:53

UK based Ovation Systems, designers and manufacturers of specialist video surveillance products have launched a new Blu-ray drive version of their well established and successful automated flash memory card archiving system for backing up sensitive media card evidence to disc - Portable Universal Media Archiving - PUMA.

PUMA is a rugged, automated, media card archiving system that has been developed in conjunction with the UK Police and meets the "Digital Imaging Procedures" laid down by the UK Home Office. Ovation's PUMA offers fast and secure archiving of video, audio and picture evidence gathered on removable flash memory cards and USB memory sticks to DVD and now to Blu-ray.

Previous procedures for archiving evidence required a standard PC, a number of software packages and specialist training. Using PC's raise concerns regarding evidence integrity as files can be easily missed, or even changed, before archiving.

PUMA is a quick and easy and is guaranteed archive all the evidence with the minimum amount of training. Simply insert a memory card and with a single button push the card contents are automatically brut to CD, DVD or Blue-ray disk. Every bit and bite on the memory card is copied. It is not selective about what it takes; every image, every sound is duplicated onto the master copy, offering complete trustworthy evidence for use in criminal and civil courts.

The Blu-ray version holds 50 gigabytes of data and can convert camera images to JPEGS, clone flash cards and USB drives.

Once archiving is complete, PUMA can then securely erase the card by over-writing each and every bit of data.

PUMA complements Ovations FlashBack, as it offers the option of archiving recordings to a video DVD rather than a data DVD, which means that the disk is playable on any hardware DVD Player.

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