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Detection Dogs - The Smugglers Worst Enemy

At this year's Global Security Asia, Collin SINGER, Managing Director of Wagtail UK Limited will explain that despite the array of technology available today, detection dogs remain the smugglers worst nightmare.

Dogs are still quicker than human searches or any machine currently available. They are more accurate, more effective, a better deterrent and better value for money.

He will talk about the vital role that detection dog teams play in countering the threat posed by smugglers, human traffickers, criminals and terrorists throughout the world.

He will share his direct experiences in training and supplying dogs and handlers for a wide variety of operational roles, from saving lives in war torn regions, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, to detecting humans being smuggled across international borders, to the smuggling of drugs onto our cities streets.

He will also talk about their latest work in countering the lucrative demand for exotic live animals and products of animal origin.

Dogs are an asset to any government agency or private sector concern that wishes to protect its citizens or assets in the fight against terrorism and crime.

Dogs have been used in various roles around the world for hundreds of years. But never has the role of dogs been so important. In these days of worldwide terrorism, drug trafficking, and human trafficking, specially trained dogs remain the most consistent and reliable method of detecting a scent.

Detection Dogs are still the smugglers worst enemy.

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