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June 2015

Wagtail UK Limited 29th June 2015

Wagtail UK Awarded Further 5 Year UK Border Force Contract Wagtail UK have again been awarded the highly sought after contract to provide Live Body[more]

February 2015

Wagtail UK Limited 12th February 2015

Wagtail UK exhibiting at Border Security Conference in Rome Wagtail UK, supplier of Specialist Detection Dogs, will be exhibiting at Border Securit[more]

December 2014

Wagtail UK Limited 1st December 2014

Wagtail UK, supplier of Specialist Detection Dogs, are sponsoring and exhibiting at the 3rd World BORDERPOL Congress, Budapest, Hungary from the 9th t[more]

October 2014

Wagtail UK Limited 21st October 2014

Wagtail exhibit at The National Security Summit, London Wagtail UK, supplier of Specialist Detection Dogs, will be exhibiting at The National Secur[more]

July 2014

Wagtail UK Limited 17th July 2014

Wagtail help with security measures at this year's Farnborough Air Show Specialist Detection Dog Company, Wagtail UK, will supply handlers [more]

Wagtail UK Limited 1st July 2014

WAGTAIL UK demonstrate the skills of Tobacco Detection Dog at TSI Conference in Harrogate. For the 4th year running, Specialist Detection Dog Compa[more]

May 2014

Wagtail UK Limited 21st May 2014

EU Project "SNIFFLES" to attend FRONTEX "SNIFFLES" partners, Wagtail UK Limited and DaVinci Laboratory Solutions (Netherlan[more]

March 2014

Wagtail UK Limited 18th March 2014

Watch Wagtail dogs sniffer dogs Bradley and Murphy find two huge illegal tobacco stashes - hidden using electromagnets click here Source: http:/[more]

November 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 28th November 2013

Tobacco Detection Dogs - Beware of Cheap Imitations. HM Revenue & Customs estimates that Tobacco smuggling undermines efforts to reduce smo[more]

October 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 31st October 2013

Wagtail Dogs continue to provide excellent results with Irish Customs In 2012, 2,129 kg of drugs, 95.6 million cigarettes and 5,277 kg of tobacco [more]

Wagtail UK Limited 25th October 2013

UK Immigration Minister praises Border Force partnership in action. To watch click here UK Immigration Minister Mark Harper MP praises partnershi[more]

September 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 25th September 2013

CNN's Teo Kermeliotis covers Wagtail dogs anti poaching activities in Gabon Wildlife Conservation Society, provides technical support to the Gabone[more]

August 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 28th August 2013

Video - ITV Meridian News Nashreen Issa explains how Sniffer Dog Teams are the latest weapon in the battle against illegal tobacco sales. Bi[more]

July 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 4th July 2013

Anti-Poaching dogs sniff out success in Gabon Conservation Dogs, a subsidiary of Wagtail UK Limited working in partnership with the Gabonese Nation[more]

June 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 17th June 2013

Wagtail International will be providing explosive detection dogs at this years' Paris Air Show. Working for some of the world's large[more]

March 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 27th March 2013

Detection Dogs - The Smugglers Worst Enemy At this year's Global Security Asia, Collin SINGER, Managing Director of Wagtail UK Limit[more]

February 2013

Wagtail UK Limited 28th February 2013

Wagtail dogs sniff out illegal tobacco ILLEGAL tobacco has been seized off the streets of Blackpool after an operation to crack down on dodgy shop [more]

Wagtail UK Limited 14th February 2013

Wagtail UK and Conservation Dogs Deliver Ivory Detection Dogs To Gabon, Africa. Wagtail UK and its sister company Conservation Dogs are delighted t[more]

October 2012

Wagtail UK Limited 31st October 2012

Wagtail Sniffer Dog Finds Stowaways In Coffin Truck Three Africans have been caught trying to enter Britain illegally in a truck loaded with coffin[more]

Wagtail UK Limited 16th October 2012

Wagtail UK at Borderpol Conference and Exhibition Wagtail UK Limited - Suppliers of Specialist Dog Services are exhibiting, at this year's Borderpo[more]

Wagtail UK Limited 15th October 2012

Wagtail sniffer dogs found nearly £20,000 of illegal tobacco during a series of raids. Trading Standards officers were helped by the specially t[more]

August 2012

Wagtail UK Limited 9th August 2012

WAGTAIL Trained Dog Foils Another Drug Smuggling Operation After just two weeks in his job as a Drug Detection Dog at the Irish Revenue's Customs S[more]

July 2012

Wagtail UK Limited 18th July 2012

WAGTAIL sniffer dogs weed out more fake tobacco dealers WAGTAIL UK Limited once again prove the advantages of Tobacco Detection Dogs with yet anoth[more]

April 2012

Wagtail UK Limited 18th April 2012

Wagtail helps secure this year's Farnborough Air Show against terrorist attack Wagtail UK Ltd will supply handlers and explosive detection [more]

February 2012

Wagtail UK Limited 28th February 2012

One man and his dog, sniff out their 1000th "Illegal" immigrant Well actually it's two dogs. The man is Wagtail UK's lon[more]

December 2011

Wagtail UK Limited 13th December 2011

Wagtail to provide IED security sweeps for Borderpol Annual Conference and Expo 2012 Wagtail UK Limited - Suppliers of Specialist Dog Services have[more]

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Wagtail UK Limited

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