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Thales presents NEXIUM Wireless, the new LTE network solution for professional mobile radio

Thales announces the commercial launch of NEXIUM Wireless, a new LTE network solution designed to provide very high data rate communication services to civil security forces as well as military units deployed in peacekeeping and civil defence roles. NEXIUM Wireless includes TeSquad, a ruggedised push-to-talk Android smartphone.

Professional mobile radio (PMR) users now require more effective, high-bandwidth multimedia capabilities to share information in the field (database look-up, real-time video, situational awareness, image transfer, geolocation, etc.).

The new NEXIUM Wireless solution from Thales brings professional users the benefits of 4th generation (4G) LTE technology, building on Thales's expertise in mission-critical communications to provide the resilience and security levels needed to meet the specific operational requirements of its customers.

TeSquad for secure, very high data rate PMR services
TeSquad is a ruggedised push-to-talk smartphone that is associated with the NEXIUM Wireless solution to provide civil security and military forces with both conventional PMR services (group calls, conference calls, emergency calls, etc.) and new 4G capabilities such as live video streaming.

TeSquad users can connect to their organisation's information system on the move, gaining remote access to databases as part of a full-functioned mobile information system.

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