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Wagtail Dogs continue to provide excellent results with Irish Customs

In 2012, 2,129 kg of drugs, 95.6 million cigarettes and 5,277 kg of tobacco were detected by Customs staff of The Revenue Commissioners Ireland.

Since February 2012, Wagtail UK have been supplying Irish Revenue and Customs with Detection Dogs fully trained and able to detect many different substances, including; drugs (cocaine, cannabis, heroin, and amphetamines), tobacco; including both legal and illicit cigarettes, tobacco products and cash to name a few.

Wagtail UK currently supplies the majority of the detection dogs used by Irish Revenue and Customs.

Before the dogs are put into service with Customs they all undergo extensive training. Louise Wilson, Director at Wagtail and head of training said, "It is testament to the skills and dedication of our team of trainers that our dogs continue to provide excellent results with Irish Customs. For example, Helen Evans has been involved with and coordinated the training for each and every dog supplied to Irish Customs. Her hard work, experience and enthusiasm has enabled us to provide the very best calibre dog, who in turn provides the best possible results." She continued, "In this year alone, across Ireland's ports and airports, our dogs, among many others, have detected 1.5million Euros worth of heroin, 300,000 Euros worth of herbal cannabis, 190,000 Euros worth of cocaine and amphetamines, 14,000 Euros worth of cigarettes, and 81,800 Euros in cash."

As criminals get more adept at concealing illegal products, so detection dogs enjoy the challenge and game of detecting these concealments!

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