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Thales to enhance UK nuclear power station emergency response with new Deployable Communication & Information System

Thales UK today announces it will provide a Deployable Communication & Information System (DCIS) capability for EDF‐Energy Nuclear Generation Limited (EDF‐Energy NGL) in a contract worth £5 million.

Following the Fukushima event in Japan, EDF‐Energy NGL undertook a rigorous assessment of the resilience of its fleet of UK nuclear power stations against the highly unlikely occurrence of an extreme weather or other natural event. Part of a suite of safety enhancements is the provision of a mobile emergency response capability that could be deployed should such an event occur.

The Deployable Communication & Information System will provide a deployable containerised capability to monitor critical plant systems and relay essential data through a resilient communications network.

The system will allow operators to access, monitor, communicate, analyse, and act upon the critical data. Ultimately, the system will provide emergency response decision makers with the information that they need to make the best possible decisions.

Thales has extensive experience in delivering safety critical, resilient communication and information systems to critical infrastructure, including nuclear energy facilities, around the world.

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