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Tobacco Detection Dogs - Beware of Cheap Imitations.

HM Revenue & Customs estimates that Tobacco smuggling undermines efforts to reduce smoking prevalence and costs the UK taxpayer an estimated £2.2 billion per annum. Tackling the illicit tobacco market is a key Government objective

Working hand-in-hand with HM Revenue and Customs and UK Trading Standards, Wagtail Tobacco Detection Dog Team has enjoyed phenomenal success detecting illicit tobacco ingeniously hidden in shops and businesses around the UK.

Wagtail is the ONLY UK company working exclusively in partnership with both HM Revenue and Customs and UK Trading Standards, and supported by UK Police Forces. It is the ONLY company with a proven track record - beware of cheap imitaions.

Since the service launched in 2010, millions of cigarettes and tonnes of tobacco have been found by the Wagtail Tobacco Detection Dog Team hidden sometimes in the most amazing places. The dog's remarkable scenting abilities means that no matter where the criminals hide the contraband, the dogs can detect it. Just this year alone, the dogs have detected tobacco products inside false doors, a false floors, false panels concealing lifts, an electric fire (that was switched on) a vacuum cleaner, self-storage containers and even in a toilet!

As the dogs are working in a wide variety of area including shops and warehouses, it is important that they are trained to incorporate "distracter scents" - scents that could throw a dog off his intended target, for instance, tobacco hidden inside coffee, or air fresheners or spices, and so Wagtail dogs are trained using previously confiscated tobacco products hidden amongst a wide range of distracter scents. To date the dogs have always found their mark.

As criminals get more adept at concealing illegal products, so Wagtail detection dogs enjoy the challenge and game of detecting these concealments.

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