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EU Project "SNIFFLES" to attend FRONTEX

"SNIFFLES" partners, Wagtail UK Limited and DaVinci Laboratory Solutions (Netherlands), will be attending FRONTEX - European Day for Border Guards in Poland on May 24th, 2014.

The concept of EU funded SNIFFLES project is to develop a state-of-the-art miniature and portable electronic gas sensor capable of detecting hidden persons and illegal substances - providing a cost effective and scalable technology to complement the work of sniffer dogs.

The Schengen free-movement area within the EU-27 enables free internal travel for the population. To cope with the migration of people the EU has controlled border crossing points both, air, sea and land.

However, it is not just people that cross borders each year. Imported goods, machinery, alcohol and tobacco also cross borders, all of which are subject to customs duty and tax. For this very reason, goods are smuggled into, out of and around the EU every year, from foodstuffs, technology and drugs, to endangered species, firearms and explosives.

As EU populations continue to increase, all of these figures are expected to rise. Hence there is a growing need for new and/or improved technologies to ensure that the EU's borders remain permeable and efficient for legitimate travellers and goods, while being an effective barrier to cross-border crime.

The artificial sniffer will be based on mass spectrometry using a novel "Linear Ion Trap Technology". It will deliver an all-encompassing solution for the detection of illegal substances; including weapons, drugs, explosives, CBRNE and hidden persons. Furthermore, within SNIFFLES, the implementation and use of the device will be carefully considered, in order to ensure complementary use alongside Sniffer Dogs.

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