Thales2014-10-21 06:03:58

Thales announces a new partnership in the civil drone domain with solutions manufacturer, Fly-n-Sense.

The partnership sees Fly-n-Sense's SECUR micro-drone being integrated within Thales's citizen security solutions and being destined for worldwide deployment.

The SECUR micro-drone from Fly-n-Sense enables extensive long range vision for intervention forces. It performs risk assessments, crisis optimization and large-scale event management as well as monitoring crowd densities and movements. This comes as a result of the SECUR drone's multi-mission capacity that encompasses features such as, night and day data video usage, high definition photography and chemical sensors.

Furthermore Fly-n-Sense's drone completes Thales's range of deployable citizen security solutions. It adds the finishing touches to Thales's surveillance and command solution, the Mobile Command Unit, a concept that is already in service in Mexico. As a result, first responders can now benefit from complexities of control being reduced, which allows them to focus on their mission in hand and take advantage of video and sensor data in real time.

The partnership enriches and reinforces Thales's position as a highly capable urban security systems integrator, providing efficient solutions to help security forces prevent, detect, manage and recover from a broad spectrum of threats, guaranteeing the safety of citizens worldwide.

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